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In 2009, PatrickD of Animecons.com, launched AnimeCons TV with myself, Sketch, EllyStar, and Doug Wilder. Our weekly episodes cover convention news, reports, interviews with guests, and advice on cosplay, AMVs, panels, travel, con etiquette - even how to cook food in your hotel room! Check out our latest episode and subscribe to our broadcast for free below. For feedback visit our Facebook page or leave us a voicemail by calling 1-(762)-ADEQUATE. New episodes are released every Monday!

Recent Episode: Worbla Wrapping

Sketch demonstrates how to use foam with worbla wrapping to make all sorts of amazing props.

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2017: Season Nine Weekly Episodes:

Episode 941: AnimeCons TV - Mini-Episode Collection
Some episode ideas didn't turn out to be long enough to be their own episode...so we combined them into one!

Episode 940: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Rotary Tools
Learn to use a rotary tool (like a Dremel) to cut, sand, and shape plastic or wood for your cosplay props.

Episode 939: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Making Stencils
Use stencils to make painting your costume fabric easier by using freezer paper. Elizabeth shows you how!

Episode 938: AnimeCons TV - October 2017 Feedback
Viewer comments on Otakon, Crunchyroll Expo, Plastic City Comic Con, and more from Viga in this month's feedback.

Episode 937: AnimeCons TV - Viga Interview
Viga, creator of "The Idols of Anime" and Otakon panelist, sits down to talk conventions and panels with AnimeCons TV's Doug Wilder.

Episode 936: AnimeCons TV - Boston Comic Con 2017 Report
We headed to Boston Comic Con to see their first year in a new venue and under new management.

Episode 935: AnimeCons TV - Kraken Con Cosplay Day 2017 Report
Kraken Con returned to the USS Hornet for a cosplay day full of cosplay events on an aircraft carrier.

Episode 934: AnimeCons TV - Crunchyroll Expo 2017 Report
The inaugural Crunchyroll Expo took place in Santa Clara, CA recently and Patrick went there to check it out.

Episode 933: AnimeCons TV - Otakon 2017 Report
Otakon moved to Washington, DC. How well did the transition go? Doug was there to bring you a full report.

Episode 932: AnimeCons TV - C.A.P.E. 2017 Report
C.A.P.E. is the Cosplay And Photography Expo, a convention focused on discussions and interests of cosplayers and cosplay photographers. Elizabeth reports back on how it went.

Episode 931: AnimeCons TV - Kin-Yoobi Con 2017 Report
Kin-Yoobi Con is a small one-day anime con in the San Francisco Bay area. Patrick headed back to check it out and see how it changed from last year.

Episode 930: AnimeCons TV - August 2017 Feedback
More cosplay repair kit ideas, bathroom emergencies, and frogs wearing pants. All that and more in this month's feedback episode!

Episode 929: AnimeCons TV - Plastic City Comic Con 2017 Report
Fitchburg, Massachusetts was the location of Plastic City Comic Con and Elizabeth reports back from this small $2 convention.

Episode 928: AnimeCons TV - Rancho Obi-Wan
Steve Sansweet has the largest privately held Star Wars collection in the world and created Rancho Obi-Wan as a museum where you can marvel at his amazing collection.

Episode 927: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Repair Kits
Put together a cosplay repair kit before your next convention and you could save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Episode 926: AnimeCons TV - Nerdtacular 2017 Report
The tenth and final(?) Nerdtacular took place in Snowbird, Utah. Put on your Frogpants and step into the Diamond Club for this report on an amazing experience!

Episode 925: AnimeCons TV - July 2017 Feedback & PortConMaine 2017 Report
Patrick responds to monthly feedback and takes a look at the latest PortConMaine convention.

Episode 924: AnimeCons TV - Hydra Comic Con 2017 Report
The organizers of Kraken Con started a comic con in Santa Clara, California. Watch our report and find out how it went.

Episode 923: AnimeCons TV - AnimeNEXT 2017 Report
Atlantic City, New Jersey was the site of AnimeNEXT 2017 and Doug went there to report along with Xan and Tom Winnicki.

Episode 922: AnimeCons TV - Don't Be That Guy with Photos
Don't be creepy or a nuisance when taking photos at conventions. We've got examples on how to recognize if you're becoming "That Guy".

Episode 921: AnimeCons TV - June 2017 Feedback
Many people shared what they do with their convention badges and they had a variety of creative ideas.

Episode 920: AnimeCons TV - What to Do with Convention Badges
Do you keep them or throw them out? How do you store them if you keep them? We share a few badge ideas.

Episode 919: AnimeCons TV - Staff Talk: What To Do for Panelists
Get quality panels for your convention by following Doug's recommendations on recruiting and providing for panelists.

Episode 918: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Pockets
Pockets are amazing to have in your cosplay. Elizabeth walks you through the simple process of adding hidden pockets into a skirt or pants.

Episode 917: AnimeCons TV - May 2017 Feedback
Star Wars Celebration, the fate of Anime Fan Fest, and questions about someone's first con.

Episode 916: AnimeCons TV - Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 Report
A look at Steve Wozniak's Silicon Valley Comic Con as it holds its second year in San Jose, California.

Episode 915: AnimeCons TV - Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Report
Doug was one with The Force at this year's Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. Learn what it was like to be on the show floor.

Episode 914: AnimeCons TV - Kitchener Comic Con 2017 Report
Svet visited Kitchener Comic Con in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and reports back on the artists, cosplayers, and dining options at this small event.

Episode 913: AnimeCons TV - April 2017 Feedback
Convention over-saturation? Katsucon issues? Rob talks about this and more in our monthly feedback episode.

Episode 912: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Prop Making Techniques
Learn a variety of methods to make your next cosplay prop with Sketch and Elizabeth.

Episode 911: AnimeCons TV - Katsucon 2017 Report
Katsucon took place in National Harbor, Maryland and Doug went to check out the cosplay and panels.

Episode 910: AnimeCons TV - Tips for Driving to a Convention
Road trip! Elizabeth shares tips for having the best experience when driving to a con.

Episode 909: AnimeCons TV - March 2017 Feedback
Doug responds to questions and comments sent in by AnimeCons TV viewers over the last few weeks.

Episode 908: AnimeCons TV - Gallifrey One 2017 Report
Take a step into the TARDIS and hear all about Gallifrey One, the oldest Doctor Who convention in the US.

Episode 907: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Masquerade Expectations
It can be scary entering a costume contest for your first time. Elizabeth helps set your expectations so your cosplay can shine!

Episode 906: AnimeCons TV - LumaCon 2017 Report
LumaCon returned for its third year and Patrick was there. Hear all about this great little con.

Episode 905: AnimeCons TV - January 2017 Feedback
It's our first feedback episode of 2017 and we've got two months of stuff to catch up on!

Episode 904: AnimeCons TV - Panel Rejection
Did your panel idea get rejected? Doug explains some common reasons and how to avoid being rejected next time.

Episode 903: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Planning & Organization
Get tips to plan your cosplay and be more organized with all your cosplay projects.

Episode 902: AnimeCons TV - SacAnime Winter 2017 Report
Sacramento's SacAnime kicks off our convention reports for 2017 with their winter edition.

Episode 901: AnimeCons TV -Largest Anime Conventions of 2016
Has anime convention attendance plateaued? Find out which of the largest cons have had slower growth and which have declined in our annual look at the largest anime cons in the United States and Canada for the past year.

2016: Season Eight Weekly Episodes:

Episode 848: AnimeCons TV - 2016 Year in Review
The entire AnimeCons TV team looks back on the good, the bad, and the ugly from the 2016 convention year.

Episode 847: AnimeCons TV - Best of 2016
We've compiled our con reports, interviews, and other special moments into one episode that tells the tale of our con experiences for 2016.

Episode 846: AnimeCons TV - 2016 & 2017 Predictions
It's time to review our 2016 convention predictions and make new ones for 2017.

Episode 845: AnimeCons TV - Fall Kraken Con 2016 Report
Our final con report of 2016 is from the fall edition of Kraken Con in Oakland, California. It was as great as ever, but there's no spring edition in 2017?! Watch and find out why.

Episode 844: AnimeCons TV - November 2016 Feedback
Elizabeth responds to our final feedback episode of 2016 and explains how to get a list of cons on your Amazon Echo.

Episode 843: AnimeCons TV - BlizzCon 2016 Report
Fans of Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II, and Hearthstone flocked to the 10th BlizzCon in Anaheim.

Episode 842: AnimeCons TV - Another Anime Con 2016 Report
Another anime con by the name of Another Anime Con was recently held in Manchester, NH and Movie Phone Guy was there to report back to us.

Episode 841: AnimeCons TV - October 2016 Feedback
Advice for some artists as Svetlana Chmakova hosts this month's feedback episode.

Episode 840: AnimeCons TV - Sailor Moon Exhibition
The Sailor Moon Exhibition took place in Tokyo this year. Get an inside look at the exclusive event!

Episode 839: AnimeCons TV - Panel Tech
Be prepared for whatever tech a convention may have for your panel. Doug recommends what to do to be ready for any situation.

Episode 838: AnimeCons TV - Wine Country Comic Con and Santa Rosa Toy & Comic Con
We went to two feuding conventions on the same day. Find out what the deal is with Wine Country Comic Con and Santa Rosa Toy & Comic Con.

Episode 837: AnimeCons TV - September 2016 Feedback
Shiva and Sketch respond to this month's questions and comments. Should you start a new con? NO!

Episode 836: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Hot Glue Tricks
Hot glue is for more than sticking things together. Elizabeth shares some tricks to create details on your costume using hot glue.

Episode 835: AnimeCons TV - SacAnime Summer 2016 Report
SacAnime Summer 2016 took place on Labor Day weekend in Sacramento, CA. Patrick and Shannon headed up to check it out...

Episode 834: AnimeCons TV - Pokémon Voice Actors Interview
We sat down for an exclusive interview with five Pokémon voice actors to talk about conventions.

Episode 833: AnimeCons TV - August 2016 Feedback
This month's feedback episode discusses feedback at cons, Kin-Yoobi Con's history, and much more...

Episode 832: AnimeCons TV - Otakon 2016 Report
It's Otakon's final year in Baltimore before moving to DC. Doug and Charles discuss their experiences.

Episode 831: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Thibra
Thibra is a new thermoplastic which can be used by cosplayers to create armor, props, and other solid objects.

Episode 830: AnimeCons TV - Kin-Yoobi Con 2016 Report
Kin-Yoobi Con is a small one-day anime con in the San Francisco Bay area. Patrick headed down to check it out and bring you this report.

Episode 829: AnimeCons TV - Going to Cons on the Cheap
Conventions can be expensive to attend, but Sketch, Elizabeth, and Patrick have some great tips to pay less.

Episode 828: AnimeCons TV - July 2016 Feedback
Questions, comments, and corrections... We received a record amount of feedback from our fans.

Episode 827: AnimeCons TV - What to Do at Boring Conventions
Don't sit bored at a con. There's plenty of other stuff to do even if the con itself is boring.

Episode 826: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Zippers (Part 2)
Most costumes need zippers of some kind even if they're invisible, so Elizabeth demonstrates how to sew in an invisible zipper.

Episode 825: AnimeCons TV - PortConMaine 2016 Report
PortConMaine never disappoints and this year they outdid themselves by expanding to reduce overcrowding.

Episode 824: AnimeCons TV - June 2016 Feedback
"Anime" cons that aren't anime cons, getting a hotel room at age 17, and a 6-foot Pikachu? All that and more!

Episode 823: AnimeCons TV - Wizard World
You've probably been tempted by a Wizard World convention. Is it worth it? No. Watch to find out why.

Episode 822: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Staying Cool in Costume
Want to be cool like Doug? He's got some tips on how to avoid heat exhaustion in your costume.

Episode 821: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Makeup
Elizabeth demonstrates makeup application tips for a couple different looks.

Episode 820: AnimeCons TV - May 2016 Feedback
Sketch and Shiva respond to your comments and questions from May 2016.

Episode 819: AnimeCons TV - Anime Fan Fest 2016 Report
It's a new anime convention in a familiar facility. Charles and Doug share their thoughts on Anime Fan Fest.

Episode 818: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Worbla Wrapping
Make amazing looking cosplay props by wrapping a mold in Worbla. Sketch walks you through his process.

<Episode 817: AnimeCons TV - Spring Kraken Con 2016 Report
It's time for Kraken Con once again and Patrick is joined by Hak5's Shannon Morse to talk about the Bay Area's best fan convention.

Episode 816: AnimeCons TV - April 2016 Feedback
Patrick responds to the previous four weeks of feedback from the show floor at Kraken Con Spring 2016, plus some news about some of the AnimeCons TV cast.

Episode 815: AnimeCons TV - Bangor Comic & Toy Con 2016 Report
Reuben (aka "Movie Phone Guy") explores Bangor Comic & Toy Con in Bangor, Maine and talks with attendees.

Episode 814: AnimeCons TV - Silicon Valley Comic Con 2016
Fr. Robert Ballecer and Patrick Delahanty report from the floor of Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose, California.

Episode 813: AnimeCons TV - Anime Boston 2016 Report
The largest anime con in the northeast, Anime Boston, was held over Easter weekend and Elizabeth has a full report.

Episode 812: AnimeCons TV - March 2016 Feedback
Elizabeth responds to questions and comments we've received over the last month and talks about what's coming up on AnimeCons TV.

Episode 811: AnimeCons TV - Staff Talk: Panel Scheduling
Patrick shares his surprisingly easy analog technique for successful panel scheduling.

Episode 810: AnimeCons TV - Artists' Alley: The Plan (Revised)
Svetlana revises her plan for artists' alley based upon her recent convention appearances.

Episode 809: AnimeCons TV - Making an Episode
For our 200th episode, we go behind the scenes and show you the making of a typical episode.

Episode 808: AnimeCons TV - February 2016 Feedback
Doug responds to our latest feedback and kicks off a hunt for the world's first anime music video.

Episode 807: AnimeCons TV - Staff Talk: Social Media for Conventions
Learn the essentials of getting your convention on social media. Patrick explains where you need to be and how to sign up.

Episode 806: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Craftsmanship Judging
If you enter a cosplay competition at a con, you might sign up for craftsmanship judging. Elizabeth walks you through the process and lets you know what to expect.

Episode 805: AnimeCons TV - LumaCon 2016 Report
You've never heard of LumaCon and will probably never attend it, but Patrick explains why it's a wonderful idea.

Episode 804: AnimeCons TV - January 2016 Feedback
Our first monthly feedback episode of 2016 features a lot of comments on the Ten Largest Anime Cons of 2015.

Episode 803: AnimeCons TV - Staff Talk: Being a Nice Staffer
Doug shares some advice on communicating with attendees and being a nicer convention staff member.

Episode 802: AnimeCons TV - Sac-Anime Winter 2016 Report
Starting the new year off with a con, we headed to Sac-Anime Winter 2016 in Sacramento, CA.

Episode 801: AnimeCons TV - Ten Largest Anime Conventions of 2015
It's time for AnimeCons.com's annual list of the ten largest anime conventions in North America in 2015.

2015: Season Seven Weekly Episodes:

Episode 748: AnimeCons TV - 2015 Year in Review
The entire AnimeCons TV team looks back on the good, the bad, and the ugly from the 2015 convention year.

Episode 747: AnimeCons TV - Best of 2015
We've compiled our con reports, feedback, and other special moments into one episode that tells the tale of our con experiences for 2015.

Episode 746: AnimeCons TV - Starting a Convention (Part 2 of 2)
Here's the second half of Patrick's panel on starting and running a convention along with some audience Q&A.

Episode 745: AnimeCons TV - Starting a Convention (Part 1 of 2)
Have you decided to start a convention? Patrick is the founder of AnimeCons.com, has started two conventions, and is here to tell you why it’s a bad idea...but how to do it well if you really want to do it.

Episode 744: AnimeCons TV - November 2015 Feedback
Patrick responds to fan letters from the last month, explains how we decide who does what episode, and talks about upcoming episodes.

Episode 743: AnimeCons TV - Staff Talk: Facilities Communication
Communication between a convention and a hotel is very important. Doug shares some helpful advice for Facilities Liaisons.

Episode 742: AnimeCons TV - SNAFU Con 2015
Patrick returns to SNAFU Con, an anime con held at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada.

Episode 741: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Appliqué
Elizabeth demonstrates how to create and attach an appliqué for your next costume.

Episode 740: AnimeCons TV - October 2015 Feedback & MICE Report
Doug checks our feedback for October 2015 and does a quick con report on the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo.

Episode 739: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Resin Casting
Sketch and Shiva explain and demonstrate resin casting techniques to make gems, jewels, medallions, and hilts.

Episode 738: AnimeCons TV - Star Wars Costuming
Learn about the 501st and Rebel Legion, where they are, how to join, and how to use the force.

Episode 737: AnimeCons TV - Fall Kraken Con 2015
The USS Hornet played home to this fall's Kraken Con. An anime con on a freakin' aircraft carrier! ...and it was amazing!

Episode 736: AnimeCons TV - September 2015 Feedback
Shiva and Sketch take a turn diving into our virtual mailbag to see what gems our viewers have sent to us this month.

Episode 735: AnimeCons TV - Your First Anime Convention
Find out what you need to do before your first convention and what to expect when you attend your first con.

Episode 734: AnimeCons TV - Our First Anime Conventions
The AnimeCons TV cast shares the stories of their first visits to an anime convention.

Episode 733: AnimeCons TV - Artists' Alley: The Result
Svetlana's back from San Japan to report on the results of her artists' alley efforts. Did it all go according to plan?

Episode 732: AnimeCons TV - August 2015 Feedback
Patrick responds to this month's feedback, talks about traffic flow, and shares poll results.

Episode 731: AnimeCons TV - Otakuthon 2015
Bonjour Canada! Patrick visits a convention in Quebec for the first time, Otakuthon. Find out why it's so popular for 20,000 fans.

Episode 730: AnimeCons TV - San Japan 2015
It's AnimeCons TV's first visit to San Japan! Find out what we thought of one of the largest anime cons in Texas.

Episode 729: AnimeCons TV - Otakon 2015
How did Otakon 2015 go this year? Doug Wilder and Charles Dunbar give you the scoop.

Episode 728: AnimeCons TV - July 2015 Feedback
Elizabeth shares some YouTube, e-mail, and voice mail feedback from AnimeCons TV fans.

Episode 727: AnimeCons TV - Artists' Alley: The Plan
Manga author Svetlana Chmakova is making plans to participate in artists' alley. She has gathered tips for a successful experience and is now sharing them with you!

Episode 726: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Sewing Patterns (Part 3)
Elizabeth offers suggestions on finding the right pattern for your next costume.

Episode 725: AnimeCons TV - PortConMaine 2015
Patrick made his 13th visit to PortConMaine recently and is back to tell you all about it... again.

Episode 724: AnimeCons TV - June 2015 Feedback
Patrick shares some YouTube, e-mail, and Twitter feedback from AnimeCons TV fans.

Episode 723: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Apps
Learn what helpful apps you can use when planning or creating your next costume.

Episode 722: AnimeCons TV - AnimeNEXT Versus PortConMaine
We turn AnimeNEXT and PortConMaine's attendees against each other in Versus.

Episode 721: AnimeCons TV - FanimeCon 2015
Patrick is joined by Stephen Daugherty to talk about FanimeCon in San Jose, California.

Episode 720: AnimeCons TV - May 2015 Feedback
Doug responds to some YouTube comments, tweets, and e-mails from AnimeCons TV fans.

Episode 719: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Using Foam
Use foam to make armor for your next costume.

Episode 718: AnimeCons TV - Anime vs. Non-Anime Conventions
Have you only been to other events and never gone to an anime con? You may be more familiar with them than you think!

Episode 717: AnimeCons TV - Spring Kraken Con 2015
Svetlana and Patrick discuss their visit to Spring Kraken Con 2015 in Oakland, CA.

Episode 716: AnimeCons TV - April 2015 Feedback
Sketch digs through the AnimeCons TV mailbag for your feedback, questions, and comments from the past month.

Episode 715: AnimeCons TV - Preparing Food in Your Hotel Room
Learn how to save money by bringing your own food and preparing it in your hotel room.

Episode 714: AnimeCons TV - Failures of Spin-Off Conventions
Why has every spin-off of a successful anime con been a failure? Patrick and Doug discuss.

Episode 713: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Mockups
Create a mock-up of your costume before attempting to create it with expensive fabric. Elizabeth shows you how.

Episode 712: AnimeCons TV - March 2015 Feedback
Shiva and Elizabeth are joined by Banana in this month's hilarious feedback episode!

Episode 711: AnimeCons TV - Harassment at Conventions
Harassment is a real problem anywhere. Doug shares some advice on how to handle it at conventions.

Episode 710: AnimeCons TV - Don't Be That Guy in Panels
Don't be disruptive in panels. We've got examples on how to recognize if you're becoming "That Guy".

Episode 709: AnimeCons TV - Day-Tripping to a Convention
Day-tripping to a convention? Patrick has some tips on what to bring and how to carry it.

Episode 708: AnimeCons TV - February 2015 Feedback
Are we hiring? Doug answers this and other questions in this month's feedback episode.

Episode 707: AnimeCons TV - Packing for a Convention
Packing for a convention? Elizabeth shares some tips to make sure you pack efficiently and don't forget anything.

Episode 706: AnimeCons TV - AOD 2015
We return to AOD at the Hyatt SFO in San Francisco to see what improvements they've made since last year.

Episode 705: AnimeCons TV - Peter Cullen Interview
Transform and roll out for our interview with the legendary Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime!

Episode 704: AnimeCons TV - January 2015 Feedback
Elizabeth shares some YouTube, Twitter, and voice mail feedback from AnimeCons TV fans.

Episode 703: AnimeCons TV - Writing a Successful Panel Application
Doug shares some tips for writing a good panel application that has a greater chance to get accepted.

Episode 702: AnimeCons TV - SacAnime Winter 2015
The winter edition of SacAnime took place last weekend and we returned to kick the year off with this Sacramento anime con.

Episode 701: AnimeCons TV - Ten Largest Anime Conventions of 2014
It's time for AnimeCons.com's annual list of the ten largest anime conventions in North America in 2014.

2014: Season Six Weekly Episodes:

Episode 648: AnimeCons TV - 2014 Year in Review
The entire podcast crew reunites once again to discuss the good and bad of the 2014 convention year.

Episode 647: AnimeCons TV - Best of 2014
We've compiled our con reports, interviews, and other special moments into one episode that tells the tale of our con experiences for 2014.

Episode 646: AnimeCons TV - Helpful Apps to Have at Conventions
These apps will help make your convention experience easier and they're all free!

Episode 645: AnimeCons TV - Gift Ideas for Cosplayers
Looking for gift ideas for your cosplayer friends? Elizabeth has plenty of great gift suggestions!

Episode 644: AnimeCons TV - November 2014 Feedback
Sketch is joined by Ooga Booga to respond to the questions and comments sent in to AnimeCons TV by our viewers.

Episode 643: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Sewing Patterns (Part 2)
Sewing pattern instructions continue with Elizabeth's second installment. Learn to use patterns to make Gadget!

Episode 642: AnimeCons TV - Staffing a Convention
What is involved in staffing a convention? Doug and Patrick answer some frequently asked questions.

Episode 641: AnimeCons TV - SNAFU Con 2014
Patrick visits SNAFU Con 2014 in Reno, Nevada. Does the convention live up to its name? Watch and find out!

Episode 640: AnimeCons TV - October 2014 Feedback
Elizabeth responds to comments and tweets in this month's feedback episode and gives a preview of upcoming episodes.

Episode 639: AnimeCons TV - Fall Kraken Con 2014
Six months later, Patrick returns to Kraken Con for their 2-day fall edition. Find out what changed and how the convention handled expanding to a second day.

Episode 638: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Sewing Patterns (Part 1)
Elizabeth has some helpful advice for using sewing patterns when making your next costume.

Episode 637: AnimeCons TV - Post-Con Depression
Do you get down in the dumps after getting home from a convention? You may suffer from PCD: Post-Con Depression.

Episode 636: AnimeCons TV - September 2014 Feedback
Doug's back this week to respond to your feedback and let you know what we've got coming up in the next few months.

Episode 635: AnimeCons TV - Tony Oliver Interview
Voice actor Tony Oliver sits down with Doug at Otakon 2014 to share his thoughts on conventions.

Episode 634: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Interfacing
What is interfacing and how to do use it? Shiva demonstrates how to make a bow using interfacing.

Episode 633: AnimeCons TV - Otakon 2014
Doug and Charles report back from Otakon 2014 with details on the registration line, panels, and concerts.

Episode 632: AnimeCons TV - August 2014 Feedback
Lots of people weighed in on our Red Flags of Bad Conventions episode; plus, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Episode 631: AnimeCons TV - Convention Survival Skills
Recorded at ConnectiCon 2009, Patrick and Elizabeth share some essential convention survival skills.

Episode 630: AnimeCons TV - Red Flags of Bad Conventions
Learn how to spot the potential red flags of bad conventions before you get trapped at one.

Episode 629: AnimeCons TV - Nerdtacular 2014
Put your Frogpants on and learn what happened at Nerdtacular in Utah and why it might be the best con ever!

Episode 628: AnimeCons TV - July 2014 Feedback
Was there a live action Attack on Titan? Does Florida need another con? All this and more in our July feedback episode.

Episode 627: AnimeCons TV - Anime Expo 2014
Anime Expo 2014 is the largest anime convention in the US. Doug reports from the front lines...and there were apparently A LOT of lines.

Episode 626: AnimeCons TV - Exhibiting in Artists' Alley
A discussion with Melissa McCommon, author of "Epic Chaos", about organizing successful sketchjams at conventions, redrawing one's comic one too many times, and exhibiting in the artists' alley.

Episode 625: AnimeCons TV - PortConMaine 2014
Patrick steps down from staffing PortConMaine so that he finally gets to tell everyone what he likes about the con. Do you want to go to PortCon?

Episode 624: AnimeCons TV - June 2014 Feedback
In our monthly feedback episode, PatrickD shares con reports from Anime Boston, AnimeNEXT, and Colossalcon which were submitted by our viewers.

Episode 623: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Organizing Everything
Shiva gives you her tips for sorting and storing all of your cosplay costumes and supplies.

Episode 622: AnimeCons TV - Anime Central 2014
This week, DJM, Brandon Cooper, and Petey Rave talk about their time at Anime Central 2014.

Episode 621: AnimeCons TV - Big Wow ComicFest 2014
Patrick returns to Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose, California to see how they've expanded since his visit last year.

Episode 620: AnimeCons TV - May 2014 Feedback
E-mail, Twitter, and YouTube comments, and a video from Movie Phone Guy are all part of this month's feedback.

Episode 619: AnimeCons TV - Riki LeCotey Interview
Patrick sits down with Riki LeCotey, star of Heroes of Cosplay, to talk about cons from long ago and what's coming up on the show this season.

Episode 618: AnimeCons TV - User Suggestions for AnimeCons.com
This week, it's not podcast feedback...it's web site feedback. Patrick reviews suggestions people have made for AnimeCons.com.

Episode 617: AnimeCons TV - Planning for a Panel
Doug and Elizabeth offer some helpful advice to anyone thinking about running their first panel at a convention.

Episode 616: AnimeCons TV - April 2014 Feedback
It's time for monthly feedback with reports from PAX East 2014, questions about planning for a panel, and what to do about sex offenders.

Episode 615: AnimeCons TV - Finding Conventions Near You
Patrick Delahanty, the creator of AnimeCons.com, walks you through the process of finding, tracking, and rating conventions.

Episode 614: AnimeCons TV - Spring Kraken Con 2014
Kraken Con is back again in Oakland, California! This one-day con saw 50% growth since their last con in October, so they've got to be doing something right. Watch and find out why it's so good!

Episode 613: AnimeCons TV - Anime Boston 2014
Shiva and Sketch have returned from another year at Anime Boston. How well did the staff handle over 25,000 attendees? Watch and find out!

Episode 612: AnimeCons TV - March 2014 Feedback
On this month's feedback episode, we have a viewer report from Katsucon, and we find out if body pillows are a good way to make your start in artists' alley.

Episode 611: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Bias Tape
This week in Cosplay Help, AnimeCons TV is all about bias tape! Elizabeth teaches you how to use single and double-sided bias tape, different methods to sew it on, and how to make your own bias tape.

Episode 610: AnimeCons TV - Gallifrey One 2014
Gallifrey One is one of the best conventions for Doctor Who fans in the world. This week, Patrick visits the con as it celebrates its 25th timey-wimey year.

Episode 609: AnimeCons TV - Katsucon 2014
Sketch and Shiva braved a severe snowstorm to report from Katsucon 2014! Tune in and find out if their 12 hour car ride paid off!

Episode 608: AnimeCons TV - February 2014 Feedback
We've got lots of feedback from you this month, so this week PatrickD answers your questions and presents a list of anime conventions through April.

Episode 607: AnimeCons TV - Frederik L. Schodt Interview
Doug sat down with Frederik L. Schodt, famed translator, interpreter and writer. Hear what the noted Tezuka translator and author has to say about anime conventions.

Episode 606: AnimeCons TV - AOD 2014
AOD 2014 took place in San Francisco this January. Patrick checked out the con to see what they had going on and reports from the convention.

Episode 605: AnimeCons TV - 100th Episode
After five years, we've hit 100 episodes! Join us as we look back at the changes in the last five years and share some bloopers.

Episode 604: AnimeCons TV - January 2014 Feedback
For the first time in 2014, we dip into our voice mails and e-mails. Plus, we share upcoming conventions for the next couple months.

Episode 603: AnimeCons TV - Otakon Vegas 2014
Otakon recently tried their luck with a spin-off convention in the city of sin. Doug tells us if what happens in Baltimore worked in Vegas.

Episode 602: AnimeCons TV - SacAnime Winter 2014
Shannon Morse (from Hak5 and Threatwire) joins Patrick as they discuss their trip to SacAnime in Sacramento, CA.

Episode 601: AnimeCons TV - Ten Largest Anime Conventions of 2013
Patrick runs down AnimeCons.com's list of the ten largest anime conventions in North America in 2013.

2013: Season Five Weekly Episodes:

Episode 548: AnimeCons TV - 2013 Year in Review
The entire podcast crew reunites once again to discuss the good and bad of the 2013 convention year.

Episode 547: TV - Real Cosplay Heroes
This week, we salute you, cosplay wranglers, because behind every great cosplayer on the convention floor, there's YOU!

Episode 546: AnimeCons TV - Holiday Gift Guide
Looking for some gift ideas for convention-attending friends? Patrick has put together a list of suggestions just in time for the holidays!

Episode 545: AnimeCons TV - Intro to Cosplay Photography
Cosplay photography is a fun and rewarding way to appreciate all the creativity that people put into their cosplay. Learn how to get started taking great photos this week with Shiva and Sketch.

Episode 544: AnimeCons TV - November 2013 Feedback
In this month's feedback, we've got a viewer report from Nekocon, someone calls about Youmacon, and we ask about your cosplay plans for 2014!

Episode 543: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Help: Zippers (Part 1)
Zippers are an essential part of many costumes you may create. Elizabeth demonstrates two techniques for putting zippers into your costumes.

Episode 542: AnimeCons TV - Introduction to Artists' Alley
What kinds of treasures should you be on the look out for in artists' alley? This week, Doug and Sketch share some information on how you can go about getting some fan art of your very own!

Episode 541: AnimeCons TV - Kraken Con 2013
This week, PatrickD checks out the first ever Kraken Con in San Francisco, CA.

Episode 540: AnimeCons TV - October 2013 Feedback
In our monthly feedback episode, learn where your gas cap is, find out why some states never have cons, and hear all about our new HD feed!

Episode 539: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Makeup Test
This week, Elizabeth demonstrates how you can perfect your look for your next costume with a cosplay makeup test.

Episode 538: AnimeCons TV - Hotel Advice
This week, Doug and Elizabeth share some tips and tricks for finding, booking, and getting the most out of convention hotels.

Episode 537: AnimeCons TV - Greg Wicker Interview
Greg Wicker, aka Greggo, sits down with AnimeCons TV this week to talk about running game shows at anime conventions.

Episode 536: AnimeCons TV - September 2013 Feedback
In this month's feedback episode, Movie Phone Guy is apparently headed to Laser Con, we give tips for guest relations staffers who are on our forums, and a list of upcoming conventions.

Episode 535: AnimeCons TV - Panelist Problems
If you're presenting a panel at a convention, it's inevitable that you'll eventually encounter some problems. Doug and Shiva discuss common issues they've experienced and how to overcome them.

Episode 534: AnimeCons TV - Japan Expo USA 2013
It's the inaugural year for Europe's Japan Expo in the United States. Did it meet the expectations of the organizers and Bay Area fans?

Episode 532: AnimeCons TV - August 2013 Feedback
On this month's feedback episode, Attack on Titan is apparently popular, fans save yet another convention, we talk about the reality show Heroes of Cosplay, and you get your first look at our newlyweds!

Episode 531: AnimeCons TV - Maile Flanagan Interview
Maile Flanagan, the voice of Naruto, sat down with Doug at Otakon to talk about her convention experiences.

Episode 530: AnimeCons TV - Cherami Leigh Interview
Elizabeth talks about conventions with voice actress Cherami Leigh at this year's PortConMaine.

  • Episode 529: AnimeCons TV - ConnectiCon 2013
    Doug shares his experiences at ConnectiCon 2013. Has it learned from its past mistakes? Watch and find out!

    Episode 528: AnimeCons TV - July 2013 Feedback
    Patrick reviews this month's feedback and comments, plus we present the anime conventions for the next few months. It's our 75th episode!

    Episode 527: AnimeCons TV - PortConMaine 2013
    Doug is joined by Charles Dunbar, the anime anthropologist, to review PortConMaine 2013.

    Episode 526: AnimeCons TV - Chris Cason Interview
    We take a few moments out of Chris Cason's busy schedule at PortConMaine to discuss his experiences at conventions.

    Episode 525: AnimeCons TV - Nekocon's Bernie Klein
    For a change of pace, this week's interview is with a convention staff member. Doug talks with Nekocon's Director of Programming, Bernie Klein.

    Episode 524: AnimeCons TV - June 2013 Feedback
    Doug and Elizabeth answer voice mails, e-mails, and Twitter comments in this month's feedback episode.

    Episode 523: AnimeCons TV - Anime Boston 2013
    Gale reviews some of the best performances at the Anime Boston 2013 Masquerade.

    Episode 522: AnimeCons TV - Why Conventions Fail
    Mismanagement, lack of interest, or inadequate promotion: those are just some of the reasons conventions fail. Shiva and Doug discuss some epic failures at cons.

    Episode 521: AnimeCons TV - Big Wow ComicFest 2013
    Patrick hits up his first San Francisco Bay Area convention with Big Wow ComicFest 2013. Was it a big wow or a big waste of time?

    Episode 520: AnimeCons TV - May 2013 Feedback
    Sketch goes through our mailbag and Doug and Shiva respond to a thoughtful email regarding the Funimation vs. Animeland Wasabi lawsuit.

    Episode 519: AnimeCons TV - Conventions in TV and Movies
    The AnimeCons TV crew has picked their favorite depictions of conventions in media. Patrick runs down the top ten. Did your favorite make the cut?

    Episode 518: AnimeCons TV - Cosplay Sewing Techniques
    Elizabeth demonstrates helpful tips and techniques on making seams which you can use when sewing your cosplay costumes.

    Episode 517: AnimeCons TV - Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern
    Two actors in one episode! We talk with the husband and wife acting duo of Richard Epcar and Ellyn Stern and learn about their convention experiences.

    Episode 516: AnimeCons TV - April 2013 Feedback
    This month's feedback is sad...and not just because we got butt-dialed! Plus, extra bloopers from our April Fool's episode!

    Episode 515: AnimeCons TV - Funimation Goes After A Con With Bootlegs
    Funimation has filed legal action against Miller Isaiah Timmons of Animeland Wasabi. We discuss why it took this long and what it means for other conventions.

    Episode 514: AnimeCons TV - Zenkaikon 2013
    Doug returns to Zenkaikon and is overwhelmed by the food options available to him! What else did he like? Watch and find out!

    Episode 513: Mystery Science Podcast 4000
    In the not too distant future, at AnimeCons TV, Elizabeth and TV's Doug were hatching a plan, you see. They met a guy by the name of Rob, a regular Joe with a flute-making job.

    Episode 512: AnimeCons TV - March 2013 Feedback
    It's time again for our monthly feedback episode. We share viewer mail, share poll results, and present a list of upcoming conventions.

    Episode 511: AnimeCons TV - Prop Talk with Worbla
    This week in Prop Talk, Shiva and Sketch reveal the secrets of working with Worbla. Learn how to use it to make great cosplay armor!

    Episode 510: AnimeCons TV - Gallifrey One 2013
    In a FanCons.com Special Report, Patrick reports from his first Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One. Also, there may be a Dalek singing karaoke...you've been warned.

    Episode 509: AnimeCons TV - Katsucon 2013
    This week, AnimeCons TV invades Katsucon in Washington DC for the convention's 19th year. Shiva, Gale, and Elizabeth talk about the con and then Sketch and Gale talk with some Katsucon attendees.

    Episode 508: AnimeCons TV - February 2013 Feedback
    It's time again for our monthly feedback episode. We talk about Otakon Vegas, share poll results, and present a list of upcoming conventions.

    Episode 507: AnimeCons TV - Balancing Real Life and Conventions
    Doug and Elizabeth discuss the delicate balance between your real life and your con life. How can you balance your hobby with your job, school, and family? Sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

    Episode 506: AnimeCons TV - Prop Talk with Sculpey
    Sketch talks about the different kinds of Sculpey, their advantages and disadvantages, and how they can be used to make a wide variety of cosplay props.

    Episode 505: AnimeCons TV - Submitting Conventions to AnimeCons.com and FanCons.com
    Patrick gives details and advice for submitting new conventions to the AnimeCons.com and FanCons.com database.

    Episode 504: AnimeCons TV - January 2013 Feedback
    Now that we're weekly, we're going to answer your feedback and do housekeeping once a month. Also, we share poll results and upcoming conventions.

    Episode 503: AnimeCons TV - OUR 50TH EPISODE!
    We started this podcast in 2009 and now we've hit our 50th episode! To celebrate, we're sharing our favorite moments, giving our fans a studio tour, and sharing a ton of funny bloopers!

    Episode 502: AnimeCons TV - Operation Hammond
    We talk with the founder of Operation Hammond, a non-profit organization providing emergency services for conventions.

    Episode 501: AnimeCons TV - Ten Largest Anime Conventions of 2012
    Patrick and Sketch run down the list of the largest anime conventions in North America during 2012.

    2012: Season Four Monthly Episodes:

    Episode 412: AnimeCons TV - December 2012
    It's time for our annual year in review as the crew discusses various adventures in 2012! We also talk about two friendly conventions, Nekocon and Bakuretsu Con.

    Episode 411: AnimeCons TV - November 2012
    This month, Doug and Sketch talk about what to do in the downtime between cons, Patrick and Shiva talk about how to approach guests, and we talk with anime columnist Mike Toole.

    Episode 410: AnimeCons TV - October 2012
    This month Shiva FINALLY talks about cosplay procrastination, Doug sits down with Vertical Inc's Ed Chavez, and we take a look at some helpful apps to use at conventions.

    Episode 409: AnimeCons TV - September 2012
    Three con reviews this month as Patrick talks about AnimeIowa, Doug and Elizabeth discuss Otakon, and a caller tells us about Godaikocon. Plus, we offer suggestions on how staff can best collect feedback from attendees.

    Episode 408: AnimeCons TV - August 2012
    This month, Patrick and Elizabeth talk about some issues at ConnectiCon, "Don't Be That Guy" is back and in your hotel room, and Sketch interviews our biggest fan!

    Episode 407: AnimeCons TV - July 2012
    Did AnimeNEXT adequately prepare for lines? Was PortConMaine hot and "in-tents"? How can you avoid the dreaded CON PLAGUE? Find out in this episode of AnimeCons TV!

    Episode 406: AnimeCons TV - June 2012
    Do conventions need more adult programming that's not porn? Plus, Shiva and Sketch visit a matsuri festival and Shiva and Elizabeth talk about how to organize cosplay groups.

    Episode 405: AnimeCons TV - May 2012
    This month, we have extended coverage of Anime Boston's 10th anniversary with a con report and interviews with attendees. Also, Shiva and Elizabeth demonstrate how to color your eyebrows for cosplay, and we find out what happened to that Misty figure Sketch received last month.

    Episode 404: AnimeCons TV - April 2012
    Anime conventions aren't just for kids, so this month we discuss programming that is good for grown-ups. Also, we each remember our first time...at a convention, and announce a contest where you can win a copy of Cat Planet Cuties!

    Episode 403: AnimeCons TV - March 2012
    This month, Elizabeth and Doug talk about their visit to Katsucon 2012, Patrick offers suggestions on how to handle the press at your convention, and our trivia show "Versus" is back and as our cast takes on our sister podcast, The Chibi Project!

    Episode 402: AnimeCons TV - February 2012
    This month, we announce AnimeCons.com's expansion with FanCons.com, talk with Daryl and Gerald from Anime World Order, and Elizabeth puts together a cosplay repair kit.

    Episode 401: AnimeCons TV - January 2012
    We kick off our fourth season with our annual list of the Ten Largest Anime Cons, Patrick explains why no news is good news, and Doug sits down with anime blogger Geoff Tebbetts.

    2011: Season Three Monthly Episodes:

    Episode 312: AnimeCons TV - December 2011
    To close out 2011, we visit Anime USA, talk with author Roland Keltz, and look back on our favorite moments of the convention year with our 2011 Year In Review!

    Episode 311: AnimeCons TV - November 2011
    Patrick returns to Blizzcon, Doug talks with Charles Dunbar, we discuss if VIP badges are worth it, and we give away a free Android phone!

    Episode 310: AnimeCons TV - October 2011
    J. Michael Tatum tells which of his characters he thinks he could cosplay, Shiva and Elizabeth give advice on buying a wig, Patrick talks about how fans saved Greg Ayres's smile, and there's not much time left to enter our contest!

    Episode 309: AnimeCons TV - September 2011
    Doug and Elizabeth talk about Otakon 2011, we interview Jim Kaposztas, the inventor of AMVs, make a promo video and win an Android phone, and we get a really sweet voice mail.

    Episode 308: AnimeCons TV - August 2011
    We talk about delays and staffing needs at ConnectiCon 2011, discuss if a convention is responsible for the outside action of attendees, give tips for traveling to a con by plane, Sketch gets a fan, and we give away a smartphone!

    Episode 307: AnimeCons TV - July 2011
    We talk about Otakon's matsuri announcement, Doug experiences his first PortConMaine, and Shiva sits down with Brian Brushwood.

    Episode 306: AnimeCons TV - June 2011
    Anime Expo announces virtual guest Miku Hatsune, Tom Wayland gets interactive, and Elizabeth steers Doug in the right direction for cosplay.

    Episode 305: Anime Cons TV - May 2011
    It's time for another look at Anime Boston with Shiva and Sketch, Elizabeth talks with Adam Sheehan about the new FUNimation web site, Patrick talks about the new features of our own web site, and Doug mourns Tokyopop.

    Episode 304: AnimeCons TV - April 2011
    In this episode, we head down to Zenkaikon, show you how to put on a wig, and talk about what conventions are doing to help with Japan's disaster relief efforts. Plus, we get our first voice mails!

    Episode 303: AnimeCons TV - March 2011
    Elizabeth and Sketch talk about impending cosplay drama in LA, Patrick demonstrates successful panel scheduling and The Conventionist app, and we discuss how to kill time at a convention.

    Episode 302: AnimeCons TV - February 2011
    Elizabeth and Sketch talk about the newest guests at PortConMaine, Elizabeth and Patrick discuss the future of anime conventions, Elizabeth and Doug remind us of some tips when going to a con, and Shiva dives into our mailbag.

    Episode 301: AnimeCons TV - January 2011
    PatrickD and Sketch report on the ten largest anime conventions of 2010, Shiva and Elizabeth help you avoid being scammed when buying a costume, and we interview the voice of Nova from Starblazers, voice actress Amy Howard Wilson.

    2010: Season Two Monthly Episodes:

    Episode 212: AnimeCons TV - December 2010
    We get festive with the latest anime con news, Doug and Elizabeth talk about Anime USA, and we all sit down to reflect on 2010.

    Episode 211: AnimeCons TV - November 2010
    Doug returns to NYAF to see if they listened to his suggestions last year, we sit down with Kyle Hebert to talk about his convention experiences, Elizabeth tells you where to stuff your bags, and we want you at our first ever meetup!

    Episode 210: AnimeCons TV - October 2010
    We talk about what we think makes Dragon*Con so good, Doug tells us about Anime Weekend Atlanta, Patrick shares his advice for booking guests, and AX needs a new CEO...again.

    Episode 209: AnimeCons TV - September 2010
    Doug reports from Otakon, Elizabeth gives first-time cosplay competitors tips on how to prepare for craftsmanship judging, and we hear from a Doug fan!

    Episode 208: AnimeCons TV - August 2010
    On this month's episode, we take a look back at ConnectiCon, That Guy returns for cosplay photography, and Sketch offers more artists' alley advice.

    Episode 207: AnimeCons TV - July 2010
    We report from this year's AnimeNEXT in New Jersey and PortConMaine in Maine ...and then turn their attendees against each other in the ultimate battle of convention trivia: Versus!

    Episode 206: AnimeCons TV - June 2010
    Sketch, our resident artist, talks about the differences between a dealers' room and artists' alley, Patrick explains why you should never start a convention, and we tackle a bunch of questions from a viewer.

    Episode 205: AnimeCons TV - May 2010
    Voice actor Christopher Ayres shares his experiences from anime conventions, we take a look at Anime Boston 2010, and Doug reflects on the passing of an anime legend, Carl Macek.

    Episode 204: AnimeCons TV - April 2010
    In our April 2010 episode, we talk about the pros and cons of stuffing a hotel room, share tips for planning a panel, offer advice for a first time attendee. Plus, join us for Operation iScam on April 7th!

    Episode 203: AnimeCons TV - March 2010
    Elizabeth and Shiva share advice for making a great masquerade skit while Patrick reminds convention planners what to put on their web sites.

    Episode 202: AnimeCons TV - February 2010
    Sketch and Elizabeth discuss prop making techniques, Shiva tells us the difference between masquerade and cosplay, Elizabeth shows us how to cook in our hotel rooms, and Anime Expo's staff retention troubles top our news stories.

    Episode 201: AnimeCons TV - January 2010
    This month we bring you the 10 largest anime cons in North America, an interview with Bill Rogers, and the finer points of cosplay weapons policies.

    2009: Season One Monthly Episodes:

    Episode 11: AnimeCons TV - December 2009
    The AnimeCons.com Holiday Special presents you with an interview with Dramacon creator Svetlana Chmakova, Elizabeth compares small and large cons, we show the premiere of the Sailor Moon Stars dub, plus we look back at the 2009 convention year.

    Episode 10: AnimeCons TV - November 2009
    In our November episode, Daniel Kevin Harrison talks about anime cons, Elizabeth reveals what to expect when watching or entering a masquerade, and Doug rants about fans that suck.

    Episode 9: AnimeCons TV - October 2009
    Doug makes his escape from New York Anime Festival in this month's episode while Elizabeth and Shiva tell you what's up with elevators. We also sit down with adorable actress Samantha Inoue-Harte.

    Episode 8: AnimeCons TV - September 2009
    On a road trip to Dragon*Con, the AnimeCons.com crew bring you news from the world of anime conventions, an interview with voice actress Michele Knotz, and answer a question about cosplay.

    Episode 7: AnimeCons TV - August 2009
    For our August episode, we talk with voice actor Tiffany Grant about her convention experiences, Elizabeth reviews Otakon 2009, and Sketch talks about speaking Japanese at cons.

    Episode 6: AnimeCons TV - July 2009
    In our July edition, we check out PortConMaine, Elizabeth sits down with voice actor Greg Ayres, and Patrick tells you how to get our con schedule into your calendar.

    Episode 5: AnimeCons.com - June 2009
    This month, Elizabeth shows us how awesome Anime Boston was, FUNimation leaves no con behind, and we find out what convention attendees think.

    Episode 4: AnimeCons TV - April/May 2009
    We introduce you the most annoying person in a panel, Shiva shows you how to make a better AMV, and we give away some DVDs!

    Episode 3: AnimeCons TV - March 2009
    Elizabeth sets your expectations for anime conventions, we tell you how to go to a con on the cheap, and Patrick makes waiting in line a little easier.

    Episode 2: AnimeCons TV - February 2009
    This month Elizabeth shows you how to become an airport security disaster, Patrick gets confused and reports from a baseball convention, and we tell you how to ditch your friends!

    Episode 1: AnimeCons TV - January 2009
    In our premiere episode, we review the ten largest anime cons of 2008 and help you figure out which convention to attend first.