The X-Files

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2009
Debut: Dragon*Con 2009
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2009
Dragon*Con 2012
Dragon*Con 2018
Halloween 2012
Photo Castmates:
Dana Scully: Shiva
Photo Credits:
Fox Mulder is a psychologist turned FBI agent and former star profiler of the violent crimes unit, famous for his uncanny ability to crawl into the minds of killers. Traumatized since the age 12 by the disappearance of his younger sister Samantha while under his care and the subsequent breakup of his family, Mulder is driven to find out what happened to Samantha and holds out hope that she may still be alive. As an adult, Mulder undergoes hypnotic regression therapy in an attempt to recall what happened the night Samantha disappeared, and this experience convinces him, perhaps incorrectly, that she was abducted by aliens. This obsession spurs him to become a renegade agent and focus all his talents on investigating the X-Files, a cohort of unexplained cases which he discovered and now hopes may be the key to solving his personal mystery.

Construction Notes:
I was looking for more non-anime costumes to wear for Dragon*Con 2009, and when Shiva suggested cosplaying from The X-Files, I jumped at the chance to do this fun and easy closet cosplay. The white button up shirt, 90s suit jacket, suit pants, and Mulderesque ugly tie were all in my closet, and my larger than typical nose already lent itself well to Mulder. Although not really fashioned after one of his specific outfits, it is close enough to the spirit of the era. I found little wallet IDs and clip on badges at a military supply store which we filled with printouts of the badges and IDs from the show that Shiva downloaded. Shiva and I also both saved a couple of our cell phones from the early 2000s to use as props which add some additional authenticity.

Photoshoot Pics: