Star Trek: The Next Generation
TNG Starfleet Uniform

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2010
Debut: Dragon*Con 2010
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2010
PortCon Maine 2012
Halloween 2010
Photo Castmates:
Deanna Troi: Shiva
Photo Credits:
William T. Riker is a young, bold, career-driven Starfleet officer when he is first appointed First Officer of the Federation's flagship, the USS Enterprise-D. As he matures under the command of Captain Picard he becomes more measured, appreciating the wisdom of the patient, careful approach exemplified by his XO. Riker still is willing to buck the chain of command when he thinks he is right, however, a trait Picard admits he admired and which ultimately led him to select Riker as his "Number One." Becoming a captain and being given command of his own ship was originally Riker's ultimate ambition, costing him his relationship with Deanna Troi prior to the start of the series. Though Riker proves himself more than capable of sitting in the "big chair," he finds he enjoys his role and his relationships aboard the Enterprise so much that he repeatedly turns down offers of his own command.

Construction Notes:
I got into Star Trek and The Next Generation specifically later in life, and was happy to take on cosplaying Commander Riker with Shiva as an easy, comfy costume for Dragon*Con. I had no desire to do the one-piece jumpsuit uniforms worn by the male cast in the earlier seasons and instead went for the more comfortable two piece version used for the majority of the series. I bought the Rubies TNG command uniform top but use a pair of my own pants for the bottom so I wouldn't need to alter them. A pair of costume boots which I used for other costumes worked as footwear, and luckily I didn't need to alter the top at all. A magnet communicator pin and metal rank pips came with it, though if I wear this again I'd want to style my hair appropriately and add a beard. My favorite part of wearing this is pulling the "Riker Maneuver" whenever I need to sit in a chair.

Photoshoot Pics: