The Lord of the Rings
Coronation Gown

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2004
Debut: Halloween 2004
Convention History:
Providence Anime Conference 2008
Dragon*Con 2009
Photo Credits:
Cheryl Carvalho
Prior to the events of The Lord of the Rings, Arwen promises to forsake her immortal life and commit herself to marry Aragorn. Her father Elrond, however, forbids to allow their marriage until Aragorn leads men in the defeat of Sauron and claims the throne of Gondor and Arnor. Marrying Arwen, not the promise of a kingship and power, serves as Aragorn's main motivation to complete his quest. Once his campaign is successful and the One Ring destroyed by Frodo, Arwen arrives at Minas Tirith for Aragorn's coronation, and Elrond gives his blessing for their marriage.

Construction Notes:
When I first saw Return of the King, I absolutely fell in love with Arwen's Coronation Gown. Not only is it green, which is my favorite color, but its intricate details were absolutely stunning. I wish I could say I made this one myself, but the dress was a limited edition reproduction by Museum Replicas Ltd. I generally dislike "official" costumes because mass production usually leaves out details and uses cheap materials. However, this is not the case with this dress; it is remarkably accurate and extremely well-made. The main dress and sleeves are made from several layers of velvet and bodice and upper sleeves are embroidered and individually beaded. Due to its materials it is extremely heavy; the sleeves alone weigh several pounds each and it is too warm to wear in the summer, although otherwise it is very comfortable. My favorite part of the costume is the butterfly crown which was made for me by Searscho, who for a short time made Arwen's crowns when the movies first came out. It is hand-painted and beaded and made with incredible care - the butterfly in the back actually flutters when I hold it up. I wish I could wear this costume more often!

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