Harry Potter
House Robes

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2005
Costume Remade: 2010
Debut: Halloween 2006
Convention History:
Bakuretsu Con 2007
Another Anime Convention 2008
Another Anime Convention 2009
SuperMegaFest Comic Con 2014
Halloween 2006
Half Blood Prince Premiere 2009
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2017
Photo Castmates:
Gryffindor Student: Sketch
Gryffindor Student: Christa
Hufflepuff Student: Ellystar
Photo Credits:
Christa Newman Photography
Ravenclaw students are selected for their house based upon their intelligence, logic, and creativity; even entering their Common Room requires answering a new and challenging riddle each time they approach the door rather than memorizing a password. Their house founder, Rowena Ravenclaw, was the brightest witch of her age and believed that wit was, above all, mankind's greatest asset. Ravenclaws don't just love to learn, they also enjoy finding unique ways of doing things, and are often inventors or the discoverers of new spells and techniques.

Construction Notes:
Personality-wise I've always considered myself to be a Ravenclaw, so when the Harry Potter movies came out I wanted to show my Ravenclaw pride in the midst of a sea of Gryffindors and Slytherins. When I first made this costume in 2005 there wasn't any official merchandise for Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff students, so I made the robe and pulled the rest of the costume out of my closet. The robe was a black bottom-weight fabric lined with a thin blue velvet which I sewed by hand using my own college graduation robe as a makeshift pattern. Sewing so much black by hand was horribly tedious, and I got so bored sewing it that the entire cloak ended up the messiest hack job I've ever done, even by my hand-sewn standards. The patch was a fan-made one I got online that was way too big, my wand was plastic, and the tie I bought directly from the British manufacturer who made them for the movies but it wasn't the movie one and it was the wrong shade of blue. Over the years as official Ravenclaw items came out I have slowly upgraded this costume, and by 2010 I had the official robe, sweater, tie, and wand and my old items went straight in the trash where they belonged. Sketch loved the extra-long Gryffindor scarf I commissioned for him so much that he secretly found the seller who made his and commissioned her to make me an extra-long Ravenclaw one as well, which is perfect for cold weather costuming!

Photoshoot Pics: