Sailor Moon
Dead Moon Circus Costume

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2009
Debut: Anime Boston 2009
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2009
Masquerade, Anime Boston 2009
* Best In Show
Anime Boston 2009
Photo Castmates:
Tuxedo Mask: Linker
Cere Cere: Majodere
Palla Palla: Jugglesgeese
Ves Ves: Gale
Photo Credits:
Refractor Productions
JunJun is introduced as one of four members of the villainous Amazoness Quartet, performing as an acrobat in The Dead Moon Circus. Athletic, impulsive, and tomboyish, JunJun is fiercely dedicated to her mission and is able to make a more realistic assessment and take a more logical approach to the situations she encounters than her sisters. Although in the anime she and the rest of the Quartet are only shown in this form, in the manga it is reveled JunJun is the pre-awakened form of Sailor Juno, one of Chibi Moon's four Sailor Guardians in the future. In her role as Sailor Juno, she is considered to be analogous to Sailor Jupiter.

Construction Notes:
I had never considered cosplaying from the Amazon Quartet until 2009, when a group of friends got the idea to do a masquerade skit as the Dead Moon Circus characters to the song "Circus" by Brittany Spears. I picked JunJun because green is my favorite color and she is the only one out of the four who wears pants, which I thought would be more flattering for my body shape than the other designs. This was one of the last costumes I made that was completely hand-sewn, and it actually lent itself well to the handmade technique. I began by modifying a green bikini top, removing the straps and sewing on my own gold trim to serve as straps instead. I wanted to add some detailing because I thought that as a circus performer, JunJun's costume should have a little bling. I designed a subtle gold beading pattern for the straps which I hand sewed on bead by individual bead. I spent weeks attaching the beads but the glittery effect was worth it. I then top stitched another layer of trim underneath to hide the embroidery, which also had the added effect of strengthening the strapping. For the pants, I used a yoga pant pattern and white matte casa satin for the outside layer and lined them with a thick white cotton so they are opaque. Once they were finished, I went back in and cut out two holes at the hips and added ties just below the knee so the pants end around mid-calf. I then edged the hip holes with green cotton, and used the same fabric for the waist trim and the sash. The sash is edged with the same gold trim/beading pattern, while the accents were made out of craft foam and plastic gems. The shoes are white ballet shoes which I hand-dyed green and sewed on green ribbons, pointe shoe-style.

The headpiece is made from three wooden rings wrapped in twine. The back piece is a cut up wooden ring screwed into the base with a large pin sticking out of the top, which inserts into a large styrofoam ball covered in green hair extensions. A cord tied at the back and hangs down to two other Styrofoam extensions. Finally, it was sewn directly onto the wig. Combs were added inside of the wig to keep it on securely. The wig was probably the most ambitious part of the costume, and while I am pretty proud of how it came out for 2009, it weighed a ton and the combs, while they succeeded in keeping everything in place for the dance skit, famously tore my hair out where they were secured and I spent the rest of 2009 growing my hair back. In the end, we won Best in Show with this skit, which we worked incredibly hard on, and these costumes, being so rare, were quite the hit at the con. Despite all that I never wore this costume again; I'd love to remake it with the skillset I have now.

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