Original Design

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2009
Debut: Anime Boston 2009
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2009
Dragon*Con 2015
Photo Castmates:
Wadsworth: Sketch
Miss Scarlet: Gale, Scarlet
Mrs. White: Majodere
Professor Plum: Katy Hunt, Ellystar
Colonel Mustard: Linker, Doug Wilder
Mr. Green: Ryan, Iceman
Photo Credits:
Keith Haney
Jeanette Chambliss
Mrs. Peacock is a stylish socialite often depicted wearing a blue evening gown and sporting an elegant hairdo accented with peacock feathers. Represented by a blue pawn in the board game Clue, Mrs. Peacock is positioned between the Billiard Room and the Conservatory and her player rolls fifth. While her backstory varies among the editions of the game, Mrs. Peacock is commonly depicted as a black widow, with numerous husbands dying or disappearing under suspicious circumstances. She is also often associated on board game covers with the revolver as her weapon of choice.

Construction Notes:
While playing Clue in 2009, several friends and I decided it would be fun to cosplay the game's characters; Anime Boston's theme that year was "Detective Mystery," which encouraged us to debut the group there. I chose to be Mrs. Peacock as I love both the color and Peacock feathers! We decided to make our own designs for the characters; I decided to glam her up with a sparkly evening gown. I searched online for dresses by color, looking for one that had both proper “peacock” shade of blue and a design that I liked. I ended up snagging a mermaid-style pageant dress; the color was perfect, the design was elegant, and it was artfully covered in silver rhinestones. I paired the dress with a red updo wig and a silver hair clip decorated with peacock feathers and rhinestones to create a fascinator. To give her a haughty appearance, I got a pair of silver and pearl opera glasses to use as a prop and tucked a plastic revolver into a white and blue garter for her weapon. Finally I added silver shoes and faux pearl jewelry to complete the look. I loved how this closet cosplay came together and its so much fun to be Mrs. Peacock!

Photoshoot Pics: