Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2015
Debut: Dragon*Con 2015
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2015
Photo Castmates:
Wakko Warner: Scarlet
Dot Warner: Chinako
Hello Nurse: Majodere
Photo Credits:
Yakko Warner is one of the three main protagonists of Animainiacs, along with his brother, Wakko (the other half of the "Warner Brothers") and his sister, Dot. The oldest of the Warner siblings, Yakko generally assumes a leadership role within the trio and often makes the majority of the adult-oriented double entendre jokes. As intelligent as he is irreverent, Yakko is often in control of the situation around him and playfully maniupulates the other characters to get the outcome he desires.

Construction Notes:
Chinako, Scarlet, and I share a birthday and call ourselves the Birthday Triplets. We wanted to do a Birthday Triplet cosplay group, and decided the Warner siblings would fit our sizes perfectly! I began this costume with a black turtlenecked bodysuit, then heavily modified Simplicity 1030's Captain America cowl to create the black headpiece, pairing it with hand-patterned ears, which I then passed on to the others in my group to use. The ears were stuffed with quilting patting and attached to a headband hidden beneath the cowl. When paired with Ben Nye clown white makeup and regular red foam clown noses, the cowls recreated the Warners' faces well. For Yakko's pants, I self-drafted a pattern, making sure to exaggerate the waistline and leg width for a more cartoonish look. I made them from tan suiting fabric and paired them with a Santa Claus costume belt with a largest buckle I could find. The tail was drafted on posterboard, made from the same fabric as the cowl, and stuffed with batting. I sewed it to a nylon belt with a snap clasp, and had it go through a hole I had created in the bottom of the pants to hide it. We used the same design for all three siblings, but adjusted the length to each of our heights. For Yakko's hands and feet I wanted to make sure they looked appropriately disproportionate, so I used my Captain Steiner gloves from Final Fantasy IX which were already made to be oversize for the hands. For the feet, all three of us used premade Easter Bunny feet, but added black embroidery floss to give the toes more definition and added vinyl circles on the bottom to recreate the black dots the Warners have on their feet.

Photoshoot Pics: