The Legend of Zelda
Hyrule Warriors Armor

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2016
Debut: Anime Boston 2016
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2016
Katsucon 2017
Photo Castmates:
Link: Sketch
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In Hyrule Warriors, Princess Zelda leads the Hylian Forces in a war against the sorceress Cia, manipulated by series antagonist Ganondorf, who are attempting to conquer Hyrule and reunite the Triforce. Zelda is the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom and joins forces with Link, a Hyrule soldier-in-training who possesses the Triforce of Courage. She wields both a rapier and bow equipped with light arrows in battle as she, Link, and their compatriots drive back the invading forces.

Construction Notes:
I love The Legend of Zelda series but I never felt compelled to make a Zelda costume until I saw this design; the golden armor was so badass I just had to make this! I started with my go-to steel-boned corset pattern, using thick lilac fabric and light purple bias tape and modifying the pattern to get the shortened shape in the front. Steel eye rivets and dark purple lacing were used for the front closure. The sash was scaled using a reference image as a pattern while the appliqués were cut from various fabrics and fused onto the base bottom weight sash using EZ Steam paper. They were then edged with satin stitching before the sash was backed with interfacing and grey fabric. The skirt was an original pattern I mocked up; the outer layer is a thick white cotton we gradient dyed pink and then airbrushed with a light layer of purple halfway down. The stripes on the skirt are gold bias tape while the appliqués were cut individually from gold fabric, fused on with EZ Steam and then satin stitched down. The inner skirt is purple cotton gradient dyed violet and backed with interfacing. A plastic curved strip placed as a weight in the hem ensures that the skirt hangs stiff in a curved shape. The sleeves are scraps from the skirt and similarly airbrushed, while the shorts are also a homemade pattern using leftover fabric from the corset. The leg and arm warmers are made from dark purple leather with thin gold bias tape accents.

The armor, crown, and necklace pieces were patterned in poster board by me before Sketch cut them from various thicknesses of foam and then wrapped them in worbla. The larger pieces such as the hips and shoulders have insulation foam or eva foam cores while the thiner pieces are craft foam. Once Sketch made the armor pieces I gessoed them in several layers of Modge Podge, Sketch spray painted them gold, and then I detail painted them by hand with a champagne acrylic and Sketch sealed them with clear coat. Fitting the armor together was a lot of trial and error involving rivets, giant snaps, hooks, and even some fishing line. The gem accents were cast in resin, while the sword was made by Sketch from a combination of wood and worbla. This costume was a huge challenge to make and is uncomfortable to wear, but I love it!

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