Persona 4
Winter School Uniform

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2011
Debut: ConnectiCon 2011
Convention History:
ConnectiCon 2011
Anime Boston 2012
Katsucon 2019
Photo Castmates:
Rise Kujakawa: Shiva
Photo Credits:
Christa Newman Photography
Kanji Tatsumi is an abrasive, hot-tempered 15-year-old, known in his hometown of Inaba as a high school hooligan. This aggressive attitude is actually a defense mechanism created by Kanji to conceal his true self: a kind-hearted, artistic young man who mostly wishes to protect his family and friends. Kanji's family owns a textile shop where Kanji enjoys sewing clothing and stuffed animal toys. Embarrassed by his preferred interests, Kanji misinterprets his father's dying advice that to be a man he must be strong and creates a violent, angry, hyper-masculine persona. He finds acceptance and friendship with the Investigation Team, becoming closest to Rise Kujikawa and Yu Narukami, and comes to realize his father meant being a man means finding the strength to be true to himself.

Construction Notes:
This costume was originally made by both myself and Lolita, who had asked me to be Kanji for a Persona 4 group she was putting together for ConnectiCon 2011. She picked out all the fabric, scaled the jacket to my size, and did all the top stitching and embroidery on the front. We set up the assembly of the costumes assembly-line style, and I helped out with cutting and interfacing the pieces for my jacket as well as the other jackets for the male characters in the group. For the undershirt I drafted the skull design, cut it from white fabric, and fused it to a long sleeved shirt. The shirt looks black or navy blue depending on the reference image, but I went with black. The other pieces of the costume, including the pants, shoes, belt, necklace, earrings, and glasses were all store-bought. Instead of a wig, I chose to slick back my own hair and spray it with blonde-dye hairspray, though I'd like to upgrade Kanji to a wig at some point.

Photoshoot Pics: