Kingdom Hearts
Organization XIII Coat

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2008
Debut: ConnectiCon 2008
Convention History:
ConnectiCon 2008
Providence Anime Conference 2008
Another Anime Convention 2008
Dragon*Con 2009
Katsucon 2016
Katsucon 2019
Anime Boston 2019
Anime Unscripted: ConnectiCon 2008
Masquerade: ConnectiCon 2008
Cosplay Chess: AAC 2008
* Second Place, Craftsmanship
ConnectiCon 2008
Photo Credits:
Christa Newman Photography
Xenmas is the oldest and most powerful of the Nobodies and the founder of Organization XIII. The main antagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, Xemnas wields the power of nothingness and channels this into red blades of energy called Ethereal Blades, which extend from the palms of his hands. His length of time as a Nobody has left him emotionless, having forgotten what having feelings was like; as a result he feels no remorse of his actions or the loss of the other members of the Organization.

Construction Notes:
I've been a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series since it first came out, so when Lolita asked me to join her Organization XIII group at ConnectiCon 2008 I volunteered to be Xenmas. Lolita designed the general pattern and did the sewing for the Organization coats, and we used actual tanned leather for them, so they are heavy duty and fully lined. The coat is paired with the pants and boots I use for Vash. For the original group I used a wig, but every other time I've worn this I use a see-through fabric over my face with the hood up instead. I currently use a Zentai mask, which is far more comfortable and much more closely resembles the faceless look the Organization members have with their hoods up. For Xenmas' Ethereal Blades I wanted to use lightsabers, but since this costume was made before custom lightsabers were a thing I had to improvise. I bought a Darth Maul lightsaber, split it in two, and re-fashioned the peices so that they connected to wrist guards that hid inside the sleeves and could be activated by a button in my palms. They were very awkward because they were not easily removed, so I was constantly banging into things, and they also did not glow well in direct light like the newer ones would today. Suffice to say, I only used the blades once.

Photoshoot Pics: