Eternal Sonata

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2017
Debut: Katsucon 2017
Convention History:
Katsucon 2017
Anime Boston 2017
Anime Boston 2018
Photo Castmates:
Prince Crescendo: Sketch
Photo Credits:

Princess Serenade is a graceful and refined young woman who is steadfast in her beliefs, pointed when expressing her opinions, and willing to fight to protect what matters to her. As princess of Forté, Serenade was sent on a diplomatic mission to the neighboring kingdom of Baroque with the true goal of infiltrating its royal family as a spy for Forté. She successfully captures the heart of Baroque's Prince Crescendo and they become engaged, however she develops real feelings for him and together they work to bring peace to the kingdoms.

Construction Notes:
When Eternal Sonata came out I fell in love with Serenade's complex character design, however it took ten years before I felt my sewing skills were up to the task. Even so, Serenade still proved to be extremely difficult. I started using my good old Simplicity 4015 pattern for the bodice and skirt of the yellow dress. The bodice was stiffened with interfacing and the accents added before lining it. The sleeves were self-patterned to accommodate the puffs at the shoulder and elbow and the multi-layer collar took several attempts and re-patterning to get right. The three layers of skirts on top of the dress are also self-patterned; the large yellow skirt has a satin stitched layer of cream fabric on the inside for the doily-like design. Plastic ties were inserted into the flaps of the skirt to give it the right shape and the entire thing snaps onto the under-dress. The cream skirt wraps over the large yellow skirt and is laced with grommets and lacing, and the white corset-like skirt snaps in the front on top. Glass gems, flowers, and painted snowflakes with ribbons were hand-sewn on the outside layers.

For the accessories I modified store-bought gloves while Sketch made my boots for me by cutting off a pair of boots at the ankle and adding fabric, ribbon, and flower accents to them. I added the blue upper parts of the boots using leggings with foam inserts added above the knee to create the triangle pattern. Sketch also made the crown and hair clips from worbla, fabric, beads, and flowers. He also made her heart staff out of PVC and worbla wrapped insulation foam. This costume is a lot, and to over-complicate things even further, by the time I was almost finished I was several months pregnant with my son which added to the challenge of fitting all the various layers. In most of the pics below I'm not sure the pregnancy is noticeable, but by the last two photos it certainly is!

Photoshoot Pics: