Final Fantasy X

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2016
Debut: Katsucon 2016
Convention History:
Katsucon 2016
Anime Boston 2016
Anime Boston 2017
Anime Boston 2018
Photo Castmates:
Summoner Braska: Sketch
Summoner Belgemine: Shiva
Summoner Ginnem: Scarlet
Photo Credits:
NB Photography and Media
Yuna is a talented young summoner on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin, a monster who wreaks havoc on Spira in an endless cycle of death and rebirth. Kind, compassionate, and devoted to the teachings of Yevon, Yuna is committed to her quest and prepared to sacrifice her life in order to bring a temporary Calm to her people. Yuna maintains an optimistic attitude along her journey, forcibly suppressing the sorrow she feels regarding her fate. Her despair only deepens when she falls in love with Tidus; their shared happiness is a constant reminder of the future she is duty-bound to give up.

Construction Notes:
After making Summoners Belgemine and Ginnem in 2015 I wanted a Summoner Yuna costume which could be used by myself and shared among our friends so we could cosplay as a group of summoners. In 2016 I found a really nice one online and bought it; since I'm not emotionally attached to it because I didn't pour hours into making it, the outfit is perfect for sharing and fits a wide range of our friends with only a few adjustments. The skirt is especially well-made out of a durable and washable rayon-type material and fits perfectly with the flower pattern silk-screened on. The pattern on the obi is perfect, as is the obi bow, but the obi belt itself needed some stiffening. I opened the obi belt and added several layers of interfacing to the inside to give it a better shape. The back fastened with hooks, but I added a panel with industrial velcro so it would have more leeway to fit myself and friends with varying waist sizes. I also added snaps for the obi belt flower, which was originally attached with a pin that was insufficient for supporting its weight.

The white shirt and black undertop functions well but will probably be something I remake down the road for a better fit. When sharing we usually have friends use their own black top just to it fits securely on their body shape. The sleeves are made of a polyester with a very light gradient, but they wrinkle easily and require quite a bit of ironing after transport. All of the jewelry came with the outfit and is excellent. The boots I found second hand on eBay and had the perfect look for Yuna, and I use my Korra wig for the costume though some of our friends use their own. Sketch made Yuna's default summoning staff to go with the outfit using the same methods he used to make the Nirvana and Punisher staves for Belgemine and Ginnem. I'd like to make an upgraded Yuna for myself down the road, but I love having this version on hand!

Photoshoot Pics: