Final Fantasy X

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2015
Debut: Anime Boston 2015
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2015
Katsucon 2016
Anime Boston 2016
Katsucon 2017
Anime Boston 2017
Anime Boston 2018
Katsucon 2019
Photo Castmates:
Summoner Ginnem: Shiva, Scarlet
Summoner Yuna: Chinako
Summoner Braska: Sketch
Summoner Belgemine: Shiva
Photo Credits:
Joseph Fox Photography

Summoner Ginnem was a summoner who went on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin several years prior to Final Fantasy X. Ginnem's journey was cut short when she was killed trying to obtain the Aeon Yojimbo within the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Her sole Guardian was a very young and inexperienced Lulu, who barely managed to escape the Cavern with her life. Ginnem's brutal end has long haunted Lulu, who blames herself for her failure to protect her summoner. Ginnem, meanwhile, remained within the Cavern as an Unsent, her personality twisted by anger and resentment.

Construction Notes:
In 2015 I was making Summoner Belgemine, and since Belgemine and Ginnem's costumes are so similar, I decided to help my friend Scarlet make a matching Summoner Ginnem costume at the same time. Just like for Belgemine, I modified McCall's 2940 kimono pattern to create a three panel jacket with a circular bottom hem. A dark blue bottomweight fabric was used for the main coat with light blue cotton and bias tape being used for the details. The sleeves are an original pattern with a poof gather at the top and made from ivory linen. Lines were drawn and then stitched down the sleeves to create the lined pattern and yellow cotton, bias tape, and orange buttons were added before the sleeves were lined and attached to the jacket. The obi is cotton stiffened with two layers of interfacing and bias tape accents. The tie is scrap red fabric attached to a wooden ring painted gold and finished off with a red tassel.

The A-line skirt is made from ivory linen and detailed to match the sleeves. The ruffles were made from two yard-long strips of pink casa which were airbrushed with purple paint to add the gradient. I then ran them through the serger to add a purple edge, pleated them and stitched them onto the tulle of the petticoat. The gloves were made from scrap, and the turtleneck shirt we found online. Sketch made the ear cauls from worbla, insulation foam, caulk, and hair combs. For a prop, I decided the Punisher staff would be the most appropriate stave for Ginnem; not only does it match Ginnem's color scheme well but its shape and menacing eyeball make it an appropriately dark counterpoint to the Nirvana stave Belgemine carries. Ginnem is in many ways a shadow mirror to Belgemine, and I wanted to play up their twin nature whenever possible. Sketch carved the Punisher out of insulation foam and covered it in worbla, casting the eyeball gem in resin. It's attached to a wooden pole with worbla accents, and painted with acrylics and clear coat. This costume was slightly less work than Belgemine because it had fewer details, but it was still a time-consuming project and I love how it came out and these costumes look amazing together!

Photoshoot Pics: