Final Fantasy X

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2018
Debut: Anime Boston 2018
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2018
Katsucon 2019
Photo Castmates:
Summoner Yuna: Chinako
Summoner Belgemine: Shiva
Summoner Ginnem: Scarlet
Photo Credits:
NB Photography and Media
Lord Braska was a high summoner from Bevelle who is revered throughout Spira for sacrifiing his life to defeat Sin. Cheerful, kind, and a bit rebellious, Braska was originally a priest of Yevon who was cast out of the clergy for marrying an Al Bhed. Both his wife and their mixed-race daughter, Summoner Yuna, were also viewed as outcasts. After his wife was killed by Sin, Braska became a summoner in order to undergo the Pilgrimage hopefully spare others from the fate he suffered.

Construction Notes:
I actually started with the prop for Braska; after making the summoning staves for Shiva's Belgemine, Ginnem, and Yuna costumes I figured I was a pro at them and Braska's gigantic fan-shaped one wout be a breeze. I carved the fan from insuilation foal and wrapped it in worbla, sealed it with Modge Podge, painted it, and mounted it on a extremely tall wooden dowel. For the costume itself, I started by breaking down the number and size differences of the various petals his robe is made from and making patterns out of posterboard. Once I was satisfied with the sizes and shapes, I made piles of individual petals out flat batting sandwiched between cotton fabric and trimmed in bias tape. I arranged and hand-sewed the smaller petals into sleeves and attached them to a plain vest to create a "jacket" like top with a kimono-esque front closure and a collar. For the bottom half I similarly arranged and attached the petals by hand, forming a bell shape which is overlaid onto a hoop skirt. The bottom layer of petals have metal wire inserted into the bias tape seams to hold their shape and ensure I don't trip over them. The giagantic obi is made from several layers of stiff fabric with the Yevon symbols attached in applique and fastened at the back with snaps. The headdress was actually the most challenging part; I had patterned the blue hood and made the beads, head ring, and accent peices from worbala without much issue, but I struggled a bit with the long plume which arches out from the top of the headpiece. I finally got a combination of fabric, wire, and worbla to work, but sometimes likes to pop out of place. I'm very happy with how this came out and it feels like wearing a comfy blanket due to the materials used. I also enjoy being a part of the summoner group since Final Fantasy X is one of my favorites!

Photoshoot Pics: