Final Fantasy X
Macalania Temple Aeon

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2012
Costume Remade: 2016
Debut: Anime Boston 2012
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2012
Katsucon 2016
Anime Boston 2016
Photo Credits:

In Final Fantasy X, Shiva is one of several Aeons which can be called upon by summoners on their pilgrimage to defeat Sin. Aeons are formed by humans who willingly sacrificed their lives, trapping their bodies and souls alive in stone in order to dedicate their pyreflies to manifesting the Aeon. These humans, known as Fayth, are enshrined in temples throughout Sprira, and summoners must prove their worth to the Fayth at each temple in order to gain the assistance of the Fayth's Aeon. Shiva's Fayth was originally a priestess of Yevon, and she is enshrined in the ice-covered Macalania Temple.

Construction Notes:
Final Fantasy X's incarnation of Shiva is an iconic, challenging design; even Shiva's skin tone varies from light blue to bright lilac depending on the reference image source, so I choose the color scheme I preferred and went with an ice-blue matte bodysuit for the costume's base. Although I left the bodysuit plain blue in 2012, Sketch airbrushed contours onto the suit while I was wearing it prior to it's remake in 2016. I also removed the hands of the suit and readjusted the neckline and hood. All of the dark blue and silver body designs, including the breast cups and bikini bottoms, are made from craft foam covered in swimsuit fabric and stretch-stitched onto the costume. I painted the snowflakes on her breast cups with silver fabric paint, and the purple and gold accents on the hands where handmade and are held on with snaps. The side skirt was hand-dyed three times to get the multicolor gradient, then painstakingly hand-beaded. The "ice" on her breast and face was originally made from silicone but were remade with clear worbla which was molded and then airbrushed with white paint. The "anchor" is made out of several sets of rings painted and covered in dyed feathers.

For the wig I started with a computer modeling diagram of Shiva's hair which shows she actually has 15 dreadlocks. I made all 15, sized proportionally using foam cores. I ripped apart 9 blue base wigs and seven packs of light and dark extensions to cover the tubing, which is attached to foam rings painted silver and accented with gold tape and ribbons. While I liked how the dreads themselves came out, it took many tries to figure out how to wear them. In 2012 my first attempt at using ropes and harnesses failed; I made a second failed attempt in 2015. Finally in 2016 I came up with a harness idea I drew out for Sketch who was able to engineer it into a reality. I used the original dreads each time, however added more base hair and wove it into the harness pretty seamlessly. Instead of excruciating pain, this is now quite comfy! It felt very rewarding to finally get this to work!

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