Final Fantasy VII
Blue Wallmarket Dress

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2020
Debut: N/A
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Tifa wears her famous indigo "Wallmarket Dress" while infiltrating crime boss Don Corneo's mansion in Wallmarket, the redlight district of Midgar's slums. The Don is known to interview three women each night, selecting one for his evening's activities; Tifa volunteers for this "audition," hoping to be chosen and hopefully procure critical intelligence. Though she tells Cloud not to worry ("You've seen how much ass I can kick," she says in the remake version), he nevertheless follows her and he, along with Aerith, also dress as interviewees for the night. The three gang up on Don Corneo and successfully intimidate him into giving them the intel they are seeking on Shinra.

Construction Notes:
Similar to Tifa's default outfit, I was never interested in cosplaying her Wallmarket design when I played the original game; when the remake was released, however, I loved the updated design as it was prettier and more flattering to my body type. While the remake version of the game has three potential Wallmarket outfits for Tifa, I prefer the updated version from the game I grew up with rather than the newer options. For this costume I found a really nice-quality version online and flat-out bought it; i sized up and then once I received it tailored it down to fit me comfortably. I found moon-shaped earrings and shoes separately and paired them with a new full-length wig I styled from Arda.

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