Final Fantasy VII
Remake Version

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Costume Completed: 2020
Debut: N/A
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Tifa Lockhart is a martial arts master and the owner of the bar Seventh Heaven in the Sector 7 slums of Midgar. Desiring revenge on Shinra for destroying her hometown, she joins the eco-terrorist group Avalanche who use her bar as their hideout. Despite her physical strength, optimism, and personable nature, Tifa nevertheless is emotionally shy and self-conscious; she struggles to express herself even as she easily responds to the feelings of others. This is especially true of her relationship with her childhood friend Cloud, in which they both struggle to communicate their affection for each other.

Construction Notes:
Even though I'd loved Tifa since playing the original FF7 in the 1990s, I never found her original outfit particularly flattering or something I'd be interested in cosplaying; it wasn't until her drastic redesign for Advent Children that I even thought about being able to pull her off. When the long-anticipated remake of the original came out, however, I absolutely fell in love with her updated design; not only was it closely reminiscent of the original, it had almost every tweak that I would personally find more friendly to my body type than the original - a pleated skirt, shorts, a two layered tank top, badass armor, tights - I loved the whole thing. Playing the game I also loved the improvements to both her and Cloud's characterization and loved them much more than I had previously.

What really pushed me over the edge to cosplay this was stumbling across Ivy Cosplay who was making a heavy-duty version of the skirt and suspenders on Etsy that I couldn't pass up, especially with all of the industrial-level leather work required. I ordered the skirt, suspenders, and wrist guard from her, and they are fantastic. The skirt weighs a ton and there is no way I could have made this on my machine! I modified under armor clothing for Tifa's tops, tights, and arm bands, and Sketch and I assembled a pre-cut armor kit for Tifa's gauntlet, sealed it with gesso and painted it with an airbrush. The shoes were bought and I styled a long wig from Arda for her hair. I love how this came out and if it weren't for the pandemic I would have worn it to Dragon*Con 2020. I can't wait to have a convention to wear this to!

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