Final Fantasy I

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2015
Debut: Dragon*Con 2015
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2015
Photo Castmates:
White Mage: Ellystar
Black Mage: Scarlet
Red Mage: Shiva
Thief: Iceman
Photo Credits:
Warrior (also known as Fighter) is a job class first introduced in Final Fantasy I and subsequently appears in various incarnations throughout the series. The Warrior can equip all of the strongest armor and weapons and also has access to the most robust stats, racking up high numbers in strength, stamina, and HP. In Final Fantasy I, Warrior can be selected as one of the four Warriors of Light. In the webcomic parody version of the story, 8-Bit Theater, Fighter is depicted as a meathead who always wants to use brute force rather than thinking situations through; it could be argued he is incapable of doing much thinking in general.

Construction Notes:
8-Bit Theater was one of my favorite webcomics back when webcomics were a new medium; when Shiva decided to do a Final Fantasy I group for Dragon*Con with 8-Bit references in mind, I jumped at the chance to be the "I love swords!" guy. The reference image was just pixels at the time so this was completely an original design. I also was pressed for time, so the under-armor part of the costume was red medical scrubs, and the chest, arm gauntlets and leg armor were rubber pieces from a gladiator-style halloween costume that I painted red and silver. I then designed and constructed the accent pieces, such as the shoulder and hip armor, out of EVA foam, which I then sealed and painted. I added a few accessories from my collection, such as belts and potion jars, and in a nod to 8-Bit Theater, I chained two plastic swords together to make Fighter's "swordchucks." This was a lot of fun to wear as part of the group though I was never particularly happy with how it came out; now that the Dissidia version of Fighter's armor is out I'd love to remake this to be more in line with his design, though I'm keeping the swordchucks. I like swords.

Photoshoot Pics: