The Legion of Super Heroes

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2015
Debut: Dragon*Con 2015
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2015
D*C Parade, Dragon*Con 2015
Photo Credits:
Patrick O'Malley

Triplicate Girl, born Luornu Durgo on the planet Cargg, is one of the original members of The Legion of Superheroes. Like all members of her species, Triplicate Girl has the ability to split into three identical, yet individual, bodies and merge back into one at will. After remerging together, she retains the memories and experiences each of her bodies experienced while separated. Sassy and smart, Triplicate Girl famously crushes on Superboy and shamelessly flirts with him despite knowing her feelings are unrequited and who he'll marry in the future.

Construction Notes:
I grew up reading silver age DC comics and my favorite was the Adventure comics series, The Legion of Super Heroes. I was obsessed with the group and especially loved that they had a girl as a leader (Saturn Girl, at the time). I'd always wanted to wear their costumes, so as an adult I got several of my cosplay friends into the Legion comics, and we decided to cosplay the Legionaries for Dragon*Con! I had a hard time choosing as I love most of the ladies, but settled on Triplicate Girl as I liked her costume colors and design. For the base I started with a long sleeve purple leotard and then searched for a matching purple fabric for the miniskirt. I found a very close color match at Joann's with a matte, 2-way stretch knit. Uisng an old skort-style skirt buried in my closet as a pattern I made the skirt, adding side slits and hemming the waist with a stretch stitch so it slips on and off with no need for a zipper or other type of closure.

The cape pattern was a bit of trial and error as most patterns have a middle back seam which I did not want. I ended up combining a Superman cape pattern with a kid's circle cape pattern, and I saved the mockup to use as a pattern for all future cape-making. It pleats sightly at the neck, attaches in the center at the neck and hooks onto the leotard with a large metal snap. In some versions Triplicate Girl wears white gloves, however in her original design I grew up with she just has white sleeve cuffs, which I made from white pleather sewn onto the leotard sleeve openings. Her orange belt is made from worbla, spray painted orange, and attaches at the back with velcro. The black boots I already owned, and I found a high quality brown wig in the 60s flip style online which worked perfectlyl. Finally, for the finishing touch, I bought a metal Legion flight ring off of eBay to wear.

Photoshoot Pics: