Witch Hunter Robin

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2020
Debut: TBD
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Amon is a veteran S-class Hunter at STN-J who is partnered with the young witch Robin Sena. Cold, serious, and reserved, Amon is reluctant to work with Robin, however as they begin to investigate cases together she impresses him with her capabilities. He not only accepts her but actively helps her improve her skills, gifting her a pair of glasses to sharpen her pyrokinetic abilities. When Robin grows too powerful Amon is ordered to kill her; despite a lifelong fear and hatred of witches, he can not bring himself to do so and instead volunteers to become her protector.

Construction Notes:
Amon was challenging to deconstruct as there are very few full-body detailed reference photos for him and he is almost always wearing his overcoat, hiding most of his tunic. After pouring over a host of photos and studying how other cosplayers approached him, I decided on a plan, and collected a series of contrasting grey cotton fabrics which I felt complemented each other. The color palette for the entire anime series is famously muted and it would be easy for Amon's details to all blend together into a murky mess. I started with McCall's M7422 pattern as a base for the tunic, which I modified to create the distinct paneling on the shoulders. I made my own black piping which I added to the shoulder seams, giving them a decorative edging, and to the forearm patches, which I applied as appliqués to the sleeves. I also used the piping to create the front toggle closures to the tunic, though for convenience I used an invisible zipper to actually close the tunic underneath.

The wig is lace-front black shoulder-length which Shiva and I cut and styled to match Amon's shaggy hairstyle. For the necklace filled with Orbo, I bought a test tube which I filled with clear resin. Before filing it, I mixed the resin with a pigment powder which glows when exposed to UV light. For photos, I can quickly expose the necklace to a small blacklight to make it glow green. I then sculpted the necklace details with Sculpy silver, and did a weathering wash with acrylic paint before threading it with a leather cording. I haven’t completed the jacket yet, but bought a base overcoat which I intend to modify before the next time I wear this.

Photoshoot Pics: