Princess Tutu
Princess Tutu Form

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2008
Debut: PortCon Maine 2008
Convention History:
PortCon Maine 2008
ConnectiCon 2008
PortCon Maine 2009
Cosplay Chess, ConnectiCon 2008
Masquerade, PortCon Maine 2009
* Performance Judges' Award
PortCon Maine 2009
Photo Credits:
Christa Newman Photography
Ahiru Arima transforms into her Princess Tutu form by drawing upon power from the red crystal given to her by Drosselmeyer. Elegant, graceful, and refined, Tutu is quite different than the abrasive, clumsy ballet student she appears to be in her human form. As Tutu, Ahiru is tasked with finding all of the shattered pieces of Mytho's heart and returning them to him; the final piece eludes her until she realizes she must make a painfully personal sacrifice.

Construction Notes:
As a dancer for most of my life, I just had to make Tutu, even if pointe had never been my strong suit. In fact, I was still on an international tour with my dance company when I made this costume, so it has even more memories! I began with a pre-made leotard which already had the V-shaped neckline and a very small white tutu bunched around the waist. I bought several yards of white and pink tulle, and pleated them into rings and hand-sewed them on top of the smaller tutu, with each layer becoming slightly wider to give the tutu more of a French bell-shape than a Russian-style pancake shape. The top layer was a circle skirt made from white casa satin to match the leotard, knife pleated and hemmed to leave about two inches of pink tulle showing around the circumference.

I also used the white casa to make the arm poofs, which were just strips of fabric with elastic bands sewn into both sides. The bracelets are wooden beads painted with gold acrylic and threaded through hair elastics. The crown and necklace were made from Wonderflex and craft foam. The wings I made by bending wire into a dragonfly wing shape and stretching a pretty yellow translucent fabric over the frame. The wings are attached by two lengths of string which slip into the waistband of the tutu at the back and tie around my waist under the tulle layers where they stay hidden. The back accents are blue ribbons, and the wig is a henna-red bob with a lock of hair styled to curve up and back in the front with hairspray. The pointe shoes were one of my aging performance pairs; even though they were well broken in they were horrible to walk around a con in all day. I'd love to remake this costume with my current sewing skill set even though my pointe skills are rustier than ever!

Photoshoot Pics: