Outlaw Star

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2017
Debut: Katsucon 2017
Convention History:
Katsucon 2017
Anime Boston 2017
Dragon*Con 2018
Photo Castmates:
Melfina: Majodere
Photo Credits:

Gene Starwind is the captain of the Outlaw Star, a starship-for-hire which takes on all sorts of business, some of it questionable, to make a living. Ironically, Gene has a fear of space, being the only survivor of a pirate attack on the ship he and his parents were traveling in as a teenager. Gene has a reckless attitude and an even more reckless reputation with women, but forms strong bonds with what becomes his motley crew while in pursuit of the Galactic Leyline.

Construction Notes:
Outlaw Star is a nostalgic favorite of mine, and I'd toyed with making Gene for years. What finally pushed me over the edge and inspired me to make this costume was finding a prop kit for his Caster gun by Blind Squirrel Props on Etsy. Though creating complicated props for myself is the most rewarding aspect of cosplaying for me, discovering one which was so well made, so easily available, and at such a reasonable cost was too good of an opportunity to pass up. After receiving, assembling, and painting the kit, I loved how the Caster came out so much I was fully committed to making the rest of the costume. I decided on making the "cloak" version of his costume as it creates a more dynamic look, especially for photos. I spent a lot of time agonizing on the color of the cloak; in artwork and reference images it ranges anywhere from bright canary yellow to beige. I finally settled on a warm brown which I felt looked more realistic and had the perfect weight to hang and flow properly. I patterned this part of the costume myself and it was the most challenging aspect; I went through many mock-ups before I found a shape that draped correctly. I made the shoulder armor from worbla using a giant Easter egg from the bargain bin at Michael's to mold them to shape. I painted and distressed the armor, which snap onto the cloak.

I wanted to try my hand at making my own bodysuit for this costume, so I used Yaya Han's McCall's 7340 pattern for the bodysuit with a black four-way stretch spandex. The pattern is great; I actually had very little trouble with putting it together and it didn't really need any alteration or resizing, and it was the part I was most concerned about. The red belts and blue gloves are store-bought; the gloves are made of touch-screen fabric, with worbla and foam cuffs added to the tops. The boots are similarly altered and were also lengthened with white vinyl. The white belt and the shoulder holsters are white vinyl wrapped around foam. The Casterís holster was made with reinforced worbla and painted, and the wig was styled by Majodere.

Photoshoot Pics: