American Girl
Winter Coat

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2009
Debut: Cosplay Ice Skating 2009
Convention History:
Event History:
Cosplay Ice Skating 2009
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Samantha Parkington has moved to New York City by the winter of 1906 and is living with her Uncle Guard and Aunt Cornelia. Uncle Guard encourages Samantha to embrace change and try new things while Cornelia encourages Samantha to be physically active, socially forward, and to think for herself. Samantha wears her winter coat and white fur muff and tam while ice skating in the city park and soon finds herself on an adventure to liberate her friends from an abusive orphanage.

Construction Notes:
For the local cosplay ice skating gathering in 2009 I decided to make things simple and wear the winter coat, hat, and muff Samantha wears ice skating in Changes for Samantha. Since we were also going to be ice skating in a city park, this seemed doubly appropriate! The coat is actually the official Pleasant Company wool reproduction of Samantha's winter coat which was marketed in the early 1990s as part of an entire line of child-size "Dress Like Your Doll" outfits. I separately found a similar looking white fur muff and tam hat online, and I made matching boot gaiters from navy and green plaid wool fabric. I paired the outfit with modern black skates, though it would be fun to find a pair of buckled on skates like those Samantha wore if I were ever to do this again. Not only was this comfortable but it made it easy to layer regular clothes underneath so I stayed toasty and warm! I had fun skating and taking a few photos afterwards; someday I'd like to make her blue skating dress!

Photoshoot Pics: