American Girl
Sailor Middy Dress

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2020
Debut: TBD
Convention History:
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Samantha Parkington spends the summer of 1905 at her family's vacation home on Piney Point, New York. Samantha wears her sailor middy dress when she sneaks off to explore Teardrop Island, forbidden to her since her parents drowned there when she was a young girl. Rediscovering the island as a place of beauty, Samantha embraces long-forgotten happy memories until a sudden storm forces her to brave a harrowing boat journey home.

Construction Notes:
Growing up I was enamored of most of Samantha's wardrobe, however her sailor middy dress was always my favorite. This dress is one of the harder ones to find in a larger size, so when I found an authentic Pleasant Company one in a size 16 on eBay I grabbed it. It required some minor repair; mostly stain removal and replacing several buttons. The dress came with the matching hair bow and child-sized bosun whistle, but I separately bought the black and white button shoes and sailor's cap, altering the cap to add the black ribbon. Finally I found a brass nautical telescope to use as a prop for photos. Before wearing this to a convention I'd like to collect some of her other accessories, including her basket trapper backpack and fill it with her adventuring supplies!

Photoshoot Pics: