American Girl
Summer Dress

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2020
Debut: TBD
Convention History:
Photo Credits:
In late June of 1855 Kirsten Larson is enjoying her first summer in Minnesota, wearing her short sleeved summer dress while she works catching fish and collecting wildberries. When Kirsten discovers a beehive in the woods, she plots to retrieve the honey as a surprise for her family but crosses paths with a dangerous bear. Her father comes to the rescue and teaches Kirsten how to relocate the entire hive, bees and all, to the farm rather than just harvest the honey.

Construction Notes:
This dress is also a size 16 Pleasant Company dress, with the sleeves slightly altered for a better fit. Even more rare than finding this dress was the straw hat with the black ribbon and cherries which Kirsten wishes for and is finally able to buy with the extra money the family earns from selling honey from their new beehive. The hat came up online as the original Pleasant Company version and I snagged it immediately. I paired the dress with pantalettes and boots found elsewhere.

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