May 25th - 28th, 2006
Boston, Massachusetts

Convention Stats:
Location: Hynes Convention Center
Event Year: Fourth
Reported Attendance: 9,354
Theme: "The American Revolution"
Sketch's Costumes Worn:
Vash the Stampede, Trigun
Shiva's Costumes Worn:
Rinoa Heartilly, Final Fantasy VIII
Sorceress Adel, Final Fantasy VIII
Rinoa Heartilly, Cosplay Swimsuits
Rinoa Heartilly, Amano Artwork
Rinoa Heartilly, Cosplay PJs
Ruby of Tantalus, Final Fantasy IX
Tifa Lockheart, Advent Children
Sketch's Performances:
Cosplay Chess: Special Attack
Shiva's Performances:
18+ Dating Game: Contestant
Staff Vote Contest: Sorceress Adel
Hall Cosplay Contest: Amano Rinoa
Masquerade: Final Fantasy Walk-on
Cosplay Chess: Special Attack
Shiva's Awards:
Judges' Award, Hall Cosplay Contest
Staff Vote Award, Sorceress Adel
Sketch's Special Activities:
Artist Alley: Guest Artist
Convention Photos:

Photo Credits:
AB Staff, Shiva (x2), Crazy Flower, Shiva (x2), AB Staff, Shiva
2006 marked Anime Boston's fourth year, and the convention choose “American Revolution,” as its theme, which mostly consisted of mascots A-Chan and B-Kun running around in colonial costumes. Topping the programming list were Kaiju Big Battel, cosplay band Bad Luck, and voice actor Vic Mignogna. The convention also expanded its repertoire of cosplay events to include a formal Hall Craftsmanship contest in addition to the masquerade, and equipped staff members with informal hall award ribbons to give out at their discretion. Attendance soared to over 9,000 guests in 2006, yet the location remained spacious and the friendly nature of the staff gave the event the atmosphere of a smaller con. In addition, improved signage and well-trained volunteers made the convention simple to navigate and events ran smoothly despite the addition of several thousand people.

Shiva's Weekend Breakdown:
After my half-day experience at Anime Boston last year, I was excited to begin my first full convention weekend. I arrived at the Sheraton Thursday afternoon and headed to registration; I thought I was early, but surprisingly the line was huge and it took over 45 minutes just to get my badge. That evening I met my roommates and some people for dinner, including Crazy Flower and JeiC. It was nice to put real faces to screen names! Friday morning I spent a couple of hours transforming myself into Sorceress Adel from Final Fantasy VIII for masquerade judging. I was a little nervous since I’d never had my costume judged before, but all of the judges were really impressed with my hand sewing, which was a relief. SakiB, who I had seen in her amazing Harle costume from Chrono Cross last year, was especially enthusiastic. It was so cool to have a costumer I admire appreciate my work! Afterwards I changed into my Rinoa swimsuit for the cosplay pool gathering. The Sheraton pool was beautiful and a very relaxing way to spend lunchtime!

That afternoon I debuted Amano Rinoa and Crazy Flower took photos with me in front of the courtyard fountains which looked like Balamb Garden. I got some of the wings of the costume a little wet, but it was just water and dried quickly. I then went to Hall Cosplay judging; one of the judges really liked my costume and chased me down the hall for a photo after I had left Cosplay HQ. I wish I had more time to wear the costume, but soon enough it was evening and I had to change into my Rinoa PJs for the cosplay pajama party. The party was a blast and I was so comfortable I regretted agreeing to help out with the 18+ Dating Game, which required yet another costume change. This was my most important lesson learned from my first full weekend convention: never do more than three costumes in one day! Reluctantly I got into Tifa; myself and an Aeris cosplayer were assigned a scene with Sephiroth, who was chosen as the bachelor in the all-male round. Aeris marched up and started threatening him with his own Masamume while I told her to forget about boys and their stupid big swords, threw my gloves in Sephy's face, Aeris kissed me, and the fanboys swooned. It was one long, crazy day.

Saturday I got into Ruby from Final Fantasy IX and wandered the con, snapping photos and checking out the dealer’s room. I then met up with fellow FF9 cosplayers for a shoot; Eternalglade’s Dagger came out awesome, we found a fantastic Vivi, and I loved Misty Eyes’ Amano Dagger outfit. That afternoon I got back into Tifa for the Advent Children gathering. We started acting out scenes and running around with the JENOVA box; Cloud and I fought Reno and Rude until Rude flung me over his shoulder and started running around with me hanging upside down and beating his back with my fists after tossing Cloud the box. That evening I had to get into Sorceress Adel AGAIN (Second lesson learned from the weekend: never get judged on Friday for the masquerade) and finally met the other colorful Final Fantasy cosplayers who were in my walk-on group: Rydia, mascot suit Moogle, Lulu, and FFX Shiva. We were set up in a cramped, curtained off area next to the stage, but at least we could watch the show on the backside of the audience's video screen. After A-Chan and B-Kun warmed up the crowd, the show kicked off with Yuna summoning Bahamut. Soon we were up; our walk-on went well, and afterwards we could enjoy the show. Highlights included a skit which pit a sewing machine cosplayer vs. a hand sewing cosplayer to the song "Dueling Banjos," and a Paradise Kiss group parodied Project Runway. My favorite was a Bleach group who did a really creative dance skit in which several characters mimed playing a fighting video game while the others acted it out to music.

After the performances were finished, we got to see the AMV winners. The Best In Show winner “Hold Me Now,” which was to anime called Princess Tutu, absolutely blew my mind. I'd never heard of the anime before, but it was about a bunch of ballerinas and the dancing was incredibly well drawn. After the videos came the cosplay awards; I got a Judge's Award for my Amano Rinoa in the hall contest, and Cynthia and N1k1ta, the Moogle and Lulu cosplayers in my group, got well-deserved craftsmanship awards. After the show, my roommate Matt and I hit up the Adult Swim panel – with Matt dressed as Space Ghost – and he proceeded to enter the room down the aisle yelling, "Why did you cancel my show?!" and the panelists cracked up. Afterwards we raided the 7-11 food aisle, had a picnic dinner in the hotel lobby, and then headed to the rave to dance for the last hour. In the first ten minutes some guy challenged me to a dance-off and he went down pretty quick. "And she did it in flip-flops!" one guy pointed out. The respect earned me free glow sticks from onlookers, so I spent the rest of the night hiding my newbie glow stick skills behind my mad dance skills.

Sunday I got into Tifa once again and headed to main events for Cosplay Chess. I wasn’t a piece, but my job was to harass Cloud, played by Dymatrex. I came up with the idea to interrupt Cloud with a phone call in the middle of all of his fights, and had several annoying calls prerecorded that henpecked Cloud for being late for deliveries, ignoring me, etc. However, as the match went on, I wasn’t sure how to wrap this up once I actually showed up on stage. . . until I thought “what if I ditched him for someone else?” I scanned the crowd backstage until I noticed a Vash cosplayer who had been doing a lot of improv and was popular with the crowd; more importantly, he looked like he could handle carrying me off stage. I went over and introduced myself to the guy, Sketch, who turned out to be surprisingly cute and explained my plan. He liked it, and the best part was it would all be a surprise to Cloud. I went on after Cloud failed to summon Bahamut and asked if he wanted my help. Dymetrex responded he’d rather have Aeris, which was the perfect setup and got the crowd making some appropriate Jerry Springer-esque noises. I pretended to get a call and answered, "OH, hellooooo VASH..." and the crowd went nuts. I said I wasn't busy and to come right over to get me. At that, Sketch strut on, picked me up in his arms, I planted a kiss on his cheek, and waved as Vash carried me off to a swarm of cheers. Best... exit... ever. Dymetrex came backstage laughing, “Was that your idea? That was awesome!” After it was over, Cloud and I did a little hoe-down dance to the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe” before I changed and headed home. What a blast!