Diamond Dust Cosplay Update Archive:

April 10th, 2018: Anime Boston 2018
Sketch and I got back in the convention saddle at Anime Boston 2018 after taking a year off to focus on the whole becoming parents thing. It was both strange and fantastic to do something that was not baby-related and get back to some form of normalcy from our lives "before." There hadn't been much time to make new costumes, and since my body was still very much in a state of flux I wasn't interested in that yet anyway and brought old outfits instead. Sketch, however, managed to finish his SummonerBraska costume from Final Fantasy X, so we had a full squad of Summoners to run around with on Friday which was a blast! EllyStar hit up the Viz Media Sailor Moon Masquerade Friday night while Sketch and I did a masquerade panel with Kiarrens where we got to give prospective entrants tips for a successful entry and feedback on their skit ideas. Saturday I got to wear my Princess Serenade from Eternal Sonata again, and Sketch and Punzy had an awesome shoot with Amie from Photography by Amie E. in their Voltron costumes. That evening we judged the masquerade again and were treated to a surprise J-Pop concert by Japanese idol Asaka. Sunday we relaxed with our kid in tow and showed him around his very first Anime Boston! You can read my full convention report HERE and watch Sketch and I's video report of the con on AnimeCons.TV HERE. - Shiva

February 25th, 2017: Katsucon 2017
Sketch, Ellystar, Punzy, Scarlet and I had a fantastic time at Katsucon this year, with no snow, no illnesses, and crazy amazing warm weather during the weekend in D.C.! We all road tripped down together from New England, and EllyStar filmed our shenanigans for a ACTV podcast episode on road tripping to cons. You can watch the episode HERE. At the con itself we got an awesome room at the Gaylord with a view into the atrium off of a balcony, and ate lots of yummy food around town. I got to premiere the revamped version of my Princess Chibiusa from Sailor Moon and I finally finished Princess Serenade from Eternal Sonata. I had awesome shoots in both with Amie from Photography by Amie E. in the gorgeous weather! We also got to run around as the InuYasha squad with myself as Sango, Sketch as Miroku, Punzy as Kagome, and Scarlet as InuYasha, and finally had a decent group shoot with MJL Photography. I danced the night away in my Songstress Lenne costume at the 21+ bar at the Gaylord, and Scarlet and I had a chance to wear Summoner Belgemine and Summoner Ginnem to the Peeps Store and to the beach area near the Awakening Statue, where we took some awesome pics although it was crowded due to the warm weather. Overall, another amazing weekend at Katsu! You can read my full convention report HERE.

January 2nd, 2017: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had enjoyable holiday season and are excited about your upcoming con and cosplay plans for 2017! I had a crazy busy fall with non-cosplay life projects and events, but Sketch and I hosted several episodes of the AnimeCons.TV podcast. I reviewed the Sailor Moon Expo we attended in Tokyo last spring, Sketch hosted a cosplay tutorial episode on Worbla wrapping props, and we both hosted the September feedback episode. Over Christmas we filmed the 2016 predictions and Year In Review episodes with the rest of the crew, and we start our NINTH season this year! WOW! Also coming up in 2017, Sketch and I are excited to finish up Princess Serenade and Prince Crescendo from Eternal Sonata which we hope to premiere at Katsucon. I'm also working on remaking my Princess Chibiusa dress from Sailor Moon, while Sketch is making Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star and Shiro from the reboot of Voltron. You can follow our progress on our Facebook pages, so come follow us! Also our upcoming cons are Katsucon in Washington D.C. and Anime Boston in Boston, MA, so hope to see you there!

September 10th, 2016: Dragon*Con 2016
Dragon*Con was a blast as always, and we lucked out with some amazing weather for Labor Day weekend! Thursday night we started out with an awesome photoshoot by UV Photography in our Mal and Inara costumes from Firefly. Afterwards we had a delicious sushi dinner with our friends at Pacific Rim Bistro before partying at the Marriott. Friday Sketch and I wore our revamped Han Solo and Princess Leia costumes from Star Wars for a shoot with ChezPhoto, and Punzy and I premiered our Songstress Yuna and Lenne in the evening. Saturday morning, Punzy, EllyStar, Kurthy, Scarlet and myself had a blast running around as the Sailor Senshi in their winter school uniforms and had a quick shoot with Lionel. For a change of pace, I got to be Rei Hino instead of Chibiusa for once, which was awesome since I love Rei's uniform! We had a blast at the food court, with Usagi eating all the things. XD That night we hit up the Georgia Aquarium party and I got some more mileage out of my Emerald Empress, complete with new eyeball. The DJ played excellent music and we danced for hours! Sunday my childhood dream came true and I cosplayed Belle in her ball gown from Beauty and the Beast, and that night I did a poodle skirt version for EllyStar's Disney group. Although I ended the weekend coming down with con plague, we still had a fantastic time! You can check out my full report on the weekend HERE.

May 28th, 2016: Japan Trip 2016
It's Memorial Day weekend and Sketch and I are back home after spending the last several amazing weeks touring Japan with our friends Scarlett, Punzy, Kurthy, Sean, and Ashley! We spent over a week just in Tokyo, where we explored shrines and museums, ate at several yummy cafés, held live owls, visited the Tsukiji Fish Market and took a sushi making class, watched the sumo spring championship tournament in Sumida (SO EXCITING), and saw a kabuki play at Kabuki-za and witnessed the debut of a little boy from a famous Kabuki performing family! We also caught a cabaret in Roppongi, visited the Tokyo Tower, and got tickets to the Sailor Moon Exhibition which just happened to coincide with our trip! We filmed our experience at the Sailor Moon Exhibition for the podcast, and you can watch the episode HERE. We also traveled to Hakone where we stayed in a traditional ryokan and enjoyed the onsen, Matsumoto where we climbed the castle, and Takayama where we hiked the most beautiful trails, stuffed ourselves with Hida beef and made friends with the owners of the local Crepe and Wine shop (of course). On the second half of our trip we took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima and visited the gorgeous island of Miyajima, Kyoto where we spent a day as Maiko, went to a tea ceremony, visited a sake brewery, visited the Fushimi Inari shrine, and took Samurai Kembu lessons where Sketch and I learned to dance with sharp swords. He cut himself, I didn't. xD We also visited Nara and the deer park, spent the night at a Buddhist temple on Mount Koya, and took Taiko drumming lessons in Osaka before experiencing the "all-you-can-drink" hour, where I was brought wine faster than I could drink it and was drinkng three glasses at once! Suffice to say, we had an absolutely incredible time, and its the most fun I've ever had traveling anywhere. I've also never been so exhausted in my LIFE. I think I'm just going to sleep until Dragon*Con.

March 30th, 2016: Anime Boston 2016
Sketch and I are back from another awesome weekend at our hometown convention, Anime Boston! We wore so many costumes, including our InuYasha and Final Fantasy X Summoner groups, and did some amazing photoshoots with Amie. She did a kick-ass set of my Shiva costume from Final Fantasy X and I finally feel like I have pictures to do it justice! It was also nice to be able to wear it around the convention instead of having the fire alarm go off as soon as i got it on like it did at Katsu. Sketch and I were also super excited to finally finish our Legend of Zelda costumes we intended to premiere at Katsucon in time for Anime Boston. My Princess Zelda from Hyrule Warriors and Sketch's mashup of Link and Assassin's Creed came out so amazingly and were so much work that we spent most of Saturday in them, and wore them while judging the masquerade. Everyone who competed this year knocked it out of the park, and it was such a fun and enjoyable show to watch and as a judge, it was wonderful to have so many good performances to choose from when giving out awards. Wonderful work, everyone! The only downside to the weekend were the security lines; it was almost impossible to get into the convention center Saturday morning and miscommunication between the con staff and the con center security wrecked havoc. You can read more about our Anime Boston 2016 weekend HERE. Now that Anime Boston is over, Sketch, Punzy, Scarlett, Kurthy, and myself are getting ready to travel to JAPAN in May for three weeks! I am so beyond excited I can't even describe it! xD

February 20th, 2016: Katsucon 2016
Despite the Fire Nation Attack, Sketch, Ellystar, Punzy and I had a fantastic time at Katsucon this year, with no snow and no illnesses to contend with. Although Sketch and I didn't finish our Link and Princess Zelda costumes in time, I got to premiere the revamped version of my Final Fantasy X Shiva and my new Summoner Yuna costumes, run around as Sango with Sketch and Punzy as Miroku and Kagome, and shoot our red and black artbook Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle costumes. We ate so much delicious food at the nearby restaurants and danced the night away in our Rainbow Brite costumes at the 21+ bar at the Gaylord. I even had a chance to wear around both my Summoner Belgemine and Summoner Ginnem costumes, which were perfect for February temperatures! It was our first year staying at the Gaylord itself, which was incredibly convenient and came with Netflix access; at one point we found ourselves sitting in our room, binge-watching classic Sailor Moon while drinking wine and eating chocolate cake. If that isn't a good weekend, I don't know what is! Beyond the beautiful location and costumes and the great places to eat and party, Katsucon is amazing because of the people. For the last few years I've called Katsu the friendliest con because of its attendees, and it didn't disappoint this year. To everyone we met and chatted with, familiar faces we got to see again, everyone who commiserated with us during the horrible fire drill, and amazing friends who traveled and partied with us, you guys make the con one of my favorites! You can read my full convention report HERE.

January 5th, 2016: Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had enjoyable holiday season and are excited about your upcoming con and cosplay plans for 2016! Sketch and I mainly focused on non-cosplay projects during the fall, but we did host a resin-casting episode of the AnimeCons.TV podcast, with a lot of helpful tips and tricks for making costume accessories and props out of resin. It's a very handy medium to know your way around and it can help give your costumes a leg up! Check out that episode HERE. Over Christmas we visited the Atlanta Museum of Puppetry Arts with our nieces and nephews. The museum is a absolutely a must-see for fans of Jim Henson; they have one of the largest exhibits of his legacy, with memorabilia from The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal, and Sesame Street. Coming face to face with a full-scale Big Bird made me feel 5 years old again! As 2016 approaches, Sketch and I are excited for a winter of costume-making with Link and Zelda costumes from Hyrule Warriors in the works as well as Princess Serenade and Prince Crescendo from Eternal Sonata. We’re also hoping to fix up my Shiva aeon from Final Fantasy X and make a Summoner Braska costume for Sketch, so there’s a lot to do! Our first con of the season will be Katsucon in Washington, D.C. Hope to see you there if you’re going! In the meantime, enjoy our annual 2015 Year In Review over at AnimeCons.TV! This episode wraps up our SEVENTH season, which is absolutely unbelievable. We’ve come a long way since 2009! You can view the episode and subscribe to the podcast HERE.

September 9th, 2015: Dragon*Con 2015
Sketch and I are back from our seventh Dragon*Con and had another amazing year! We kicked off Thursday night by cosplaying the cast of the classic board game Clue, for which I dusted off my Mrs. Peacock costume and was thrilled that it still fit. After a photoshoot and some fun around the convention, we wore the famous murder mystery costumes to the swanky cocktail lounge Polaris, the blue rotating dome at the top of the Hyatt. We were afraid they wouldn't allow us up there, but the evening gowns and suits passed muster and our waiter was hysterical. Friday I premiered my Korra costume from The Legend of Korra, and on Saturday I got to fulfill a childhood dream of mine and cosplay from the 1960s Adventure Comics series, The Legion of Super Heroes. We had gathered a group of friends to march in the parade as the Legion, and I chose to cosplay Triplicate Girl. It was wonderful to cosplay these underrepresented comic heroes, and the excited reactions we got from others happy to see The Legion was amazing! At night, I also cosplayed my favorite villain from the series, The Emerald Empress, and was blown away by how many people recognized this obscure character and were excited to see her. Sunday I wore Peppermint Crunch for a full group shoot of the 1980s Sundae Best series ponies from My Little Pony, and that night I was the Red Mage from the old-school webcomic 8-Bit Theater, a parody of the original Final Fantasy characters. Finally, we took some time outside of the convention to visit The World of Coca-Cola, which was much more fun than expected and had interesting exhibits. Let's put it this way - I don't even LIKE Coke and I enjoyed it! You can check out my full report on the weekend HERE.

June 30th, 2015: PortCon Maine 2015
Sketch and I attended PortCon Maine last weekend, where EllyStar and I had a blast running around on Friday in the Princess Peach and Princess Daisy costumes she'd made for the two of us. We had plenty of adventures as the Mushroom Kingdom princesses from Super Mario Bros., including taking a spin on a classic carousel, where we road side-saddle upon our noble steeds and much to the bemusement of the children riding with us and the teen-aged carousel operator. Despite the fun of wearing them, EllyStar had made the costumes specifically so we could destroy them, and we did so Saturday night in our hotel room so we could turn them into Post-Apocalyptic versions. These were so much fun to do together and I hope we can plan for future Peach and Daisy shenanigans sometime soon. Earlier in the day on Saturday Sketch and I wore Sango and Miroku costumes from InuYasha and met several other InuYasha cosplayers who were fun to chat and hang out with briefly. I also wore my Nurse Joy costume from Pokémon and performed along with Sketch at PatrickD in Anime Unscripted.You can read more about our weekend in our PortCon Maine report found HERE.

April 11th, 2015: Anime Boston 2015
As Anime Boston approached, Sketch and I found ourselves working up until the 11th hour finishing up my Summoner Belgemine and Scarlet's Summoner Ginnem costumes from Final Fantasy X. These costumes had been a dream of mine for a long time, and the detail work on them was as time-consuming as it was rewarding to watch them slowly come to life. Sketch painstakingly made the Nirvana staff to go with my Belgemine outfit, and he did an absolutely phenomenal job. This was the first very complex costume I'd done in some time, and it was a hugely rewarding experience for Scarlet and I to wear these around the con both Friday and Sunday! We also finally got our entire Madoka Magica group together on Friday for a long-overdue photoshoot which was done with Photography by Aime E. She also shot my Belgemine costume with gorgeous results! In other costume news, Sketch finished up his new Miroku costume from InuYasha to match my Sango, and we wore these together for the first time Saturday! Around the convention itself, I was excited to be able to take in the AMV contest on Friday for the first time in years, and I was honored to judge performance for the masquerade. I had never judged at a large con like AB before and it was a striking experience! As usual, it was also wonderful to catch up with friends and take in the excellent costumes on display throughout the weekend. You can read more about our Anime Boston 2015 experience HERE. Now that our spring convention season is over, Sketch and I are turning our attention to more mundane things, like putting in a new front walkway at our house. Time to start digging!

February 20th, 2015: Katsucon 2015
Thankfully we did not have to battle any blizzards or diseases this year during our trip to Katsucon, automatically making 2015 our most successful Katsucon yet. The best part of arriving in Washington D.C. was seeing dry, snowless ground! Despite the lack of the white stuff, it was still bitterly cold with strong winds all weekend that made navigating in costume a bit hazardous. However, I was able to successfully premiere my completely remade Rosette Christopher costume from Chrono Crusade. I love her character so much that it felt amazing to finally feel like I was able to do her justice. I also remade my Relm Arrowny costume from Final Fantasy VI; it had been slapped together in about a day the first time and it felt great to go back and really do what i had wanted to before, adding a fully boned corset, revamped turban, and other details. I also finally got some amazing photos of my Coco Bandicoot costume from Crash Bandicoot. The Gaylord gardens were the perfect backdrop for Coco, and she was surprisingly the most popular costume I wore all weekend! Similarly, we finally got some great shots of Sketch's Steiner costume from Fantasy IX, and met some wonderful cosplayers and Final Fantasy fans as a result! Finally, in addition to some great restaurants, we discovered the Pose club and bar at the top of the Gaylord, where we had a blast drinking cocktails with friends and dancing the night away. You can read more about our Katsucon 2015 adventures HERE.

January 21st, 2015: Happy New Year and Arisia 2015
Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are excited about your upcoming convention and cosplay plans for 2015! I have some interesting projects in the works, including a full remake of my Rosette Christopher costume from Chrono Crusade and I'm excited to finally make Summoner Belgemine from Final Fantasy X! However, my convention year off to an unusually early start last weekend as Sketch and I attended the science fiction and fantasy convention, Arisia, in Boston for the very first time. I had only intended to check it out casually, but ended up competing as a Greek Goddess version of the planet Neptune in a Planets skit my friends were doing. I also got the change to do a small shoot of my Madoka costume with Christa Newman Photography and get some more use out of VICI the Robot from Small Wonder. We had a great time, and I will definitely check it out again. You can read about my experience at Arisia HERE. If you missed it last month, don’t forget to check out the AnimeCons.TV Year In Review episode for 2014! We talk about our favorite cons, costumes, guests, and other moments from the 2014 season! You can view that and subscribe to our weekly podcast HERE.

November 30th, 2014: Haunted Happenings and SuperMegaFest 2014
We’ve spent the fall getting plenty of use out of our Harry Potter costumes! The first week of October, Sketch and I, along with EllyStar and Scarlett, marched in the Salem Haunted Happenings Grand Parade as the Hogwarts Founders with the Harry Potter contingent. The parade opens their month-long Halloween celebration, and is attended by thousands of locals and visitors alike who line the streets of downtown Salem to cheer on about 4,000 parade performers. We had so much fun walking the route and then hanging out with the other Harry Potter group members at the Remember Salem shop, which has a replica of the Great Hall and the potions classroom in the back. Sketch was also able to remake my Rowena Ravenclaw crown just for the event, and it looks better than ever! Read about our adventures in Salem HERE! Then last week we took the Hogwarts founders to SuperMegaFest, a small comic and sci-fi convention at a castle-esque hotel in Framingham, MA. The weather was beautiful for late November, and we had an excellent photoshoot around the property with Christa Newman Photography. In the evening we partied in our Hogwarts student robes, which were perfect for the cold autumn evening. It was an entire weekend of Harry Potter cosplay! You can read about our SuperMegaFest experience HERE. I can't believe autumn, and 2014, is almost over! Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season everyone!

September 7th, 2014: Dragon*Con 2014
Sketch and I are back from another amazing Dragon*Con! We had exceptionally good time this year, and managed to stay up later and have more fun than we have in recent memory. I was super excited to premiere two childhood nostalgia costumes that I've wanted to make for several years: VICI the Robot from the 1980s sitcom Small Wonder and Coco Bandicoot with Aku Aku from the 1990s video game series Crash Bandicoot. They were both so much fun to wear and I always enjoy meeting other people who have the same sense of nostalgia for characters that I do! Even better, I finally was able to meet Sir Patrick Stewart and get his autograph, which completed my Star Trek: The Next Generation poster with signatures from the entire main cast! I also marched in the Dragon*Con parade with our Legends of the Hidden Temple group, did photoshoots with our Candyland and Zelda Golden Goddesses groups, and was Space Chibimoon in a Space Senshi Sailor Moon group, with retro Jetsons-style space costumes based on a wonderful fanart by DeviantArt user hyamei. We had a blast running around the convention at night with our light-up costumes and bubble guns! Finally, I had the opportunity to head out a few stops on the MARTA and check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, which was a little difficult to find, but once we got there was completely worth the trip! Between the beautiful plants, artwork, and weather, I couldn't have had a better experience there! You can check out my full report on the weekend HERE. We can't wait to go back!

June 25th, 2014: PortCon Maine 2014
Last weekend Sketch and I attended PortCon Maine, where we were able to catch up with former East Coast resident and AnimeCons.com executive PatrickD and get all of the details about his recent engagement to manga artist Svetlana Chemocova! We are very happy for both of them - congratulations you two! On Friday EllyStar and I premiered our Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy costumes from Pokemon, which were an absolute blast to wear; we even ordered cocktails which matched out outfits at the hotel bar! EllyStar also got some great photos of Sketch and i's Castle and Beckett costumes from Castle. We filmed several segments for AnimeCons.TV, and I performed in Anime Unscripted for the first time since 2011 with Gale, Sketch, and Jekka. I know I was funnier than I had been in several go-rounds and we had a great time participating! Unfortunately the weekend was a little hectic since we had to leave Saturday morning for a family wedding several hours away, and then return on Sunday, but the wedding was wonderful and we were happy to be able to fit in plenty of quality time at the convention as well. We also participated in the convention's Garage Sale once again and departed Maine with only one box left of junk! You can read more about our adventures in my convention report HERE.

March 28th, 2014: Anime Boston 2014
Anime Boston usually falls around Easter, although like the holiday, its date floats around and the con can occur as early as March and as late as Memorial Day weekend. This year it was on the early end of the spectrum, meaning we barely had time to recover from Katsucon before diving headfirst into AB plans. We pushed through, however, remaking Ruby and making General Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX and performing in the masquerade for the first time in several years with our skit “The Snuggly Duckling.” You can watch a video of our performance HERE. It was a lot of fun, and the attendees, as well as the friendly and helpful staff, made attending the convention extremely enjoyable. With almost 25,000 attendees this year, AB did not feel overly crowded aside from the bottlenecks caused by the security bag check at the entrance, though these lines moved quickly, we found they also could be circumvented by using less popular entrances to the Hynes, where we walked right up to bag check without the wait. As a Bostonian who lived through the marathon bombing and the subsequent lockdown, I found the checks to be completely understandable on the part of the Hyne and the security team nice about it, even if the necessity for them was questionable. Overall, we had a fantastic time and although we've been attending this convention for almost a decade, there was something fresh and reinvigorated about it this year. You can read more about our weekend in my full report HERE or watch Sketch and I’s report on AnimeCons.TV.

February 19th, 2014: Katsucon 2014
Between navigating a blizzard to get there and the horrible flu virus which spread around the con like wildfire, Katsucon 2014 was quite the adventure this year! Sketch, Scarlett, EllyStar and I were lucky enough to survive the drive down to Washington D.C. with a lot of difficulty but without incident other than my state of panic during the worst parts of the ride. Once we arrived and had a few drinks to calm our nerves, however, we got into the convention spirit. I finished my revamped Sango and brand new Madoka Kaname costumes and did two awesome photoshoots with Starrfall Photography in them. Group cosplay proved very difficult with so many flights and trains canceled which stranded many of our friends at home. As a result, we were only able to do partial groups for Candyland, Sundae Ponies, and Madoka Magica unlike the full groups we had planned. We got some great pics from Christa Newman and Georgio however, and had a good time wearing them. We also really enjoyed Kaumi Cosplay’s armor making and prop panels and the WCS competition, though the convention organization and staff left much to be desired. However, we started dropping like flies from the flu that was going around, with Sketch down for the count by Saturday morning and I was bedridden by Sunday evening, so we still didn’t get to see as much as we’d have liked. You can read more about what we did manage to see in my full report HERE or watch Sketch and I’s report on AnimeCons.TV. I hope you all had safe travels and if you were unfortunate enough to catch the KatsuPlague like we did, please take care of yourselves and feel better!

September 6th, 2013: Dragon*Con 2013
I attended my fifth Dragon*Con last weekend along with Sketch, Punzy, Chinako, EllyStar, Doug, Scarlett, Gale, ChibiRinoa, and many more friends. We had a blast, rebooting our Rainbow Brite group on Friday night and our Legends of the Hidden Temple group for the Atlanta Aquarium party Saturday night. I also managed to fix up my old Poison Ivy costume and rewear it on Sunday, and I joined Sketch as Beckett from Castle. We met our favorite movie makeup artists from the SyFy reality show and learned about lots of great makeup products at the FaceOff panel, and I got Counselor Troi's (Marina Sirtis) autograph, meaning the only signature I’m missing from my Star Trek: The Next Generation poster is Patrick Stewart! We also caught the parade and received free comic books for participating in a psychological study by University of Tennessee about cosplayers, though we aren’t 100% sure how to feel about that one. Sunday night, we wrapped up the weekend by premiering our Peanuts costumes, and I finally got to cosplay Lucy Van Pelt complete with her “Psychiatric Help 5 cents” booth. It was a total surprise when people started paying me for advice! It was a fantastic weekend and we cannot wait to go back. You can read more about the con in my Dragon*Con report HERE.

July 28th, 2013: Sketch and Shiva's WeddingCon 2013
Yesterday, Sketch and I tied the knot at what was lovingly referred to as “WeddingCon 3” by our cosplay friends (SweetPea and EllyStar's weddings the year before had been called WeddingCon 1 and 2 respectively). We had a beautiful vintage-inspired outdoor affair, with PatrickD serving as our Best Man, and Mookie Terracciano, the webcomic writer/artist behind Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire and StarPower officiated the ceremony. EllyStar, Punzy, Scarlett, Alyssa, Jugglesgeese, and Doug Wilder were also in the wedding party, and performed along with SweetPea and Gale in our reception flash mob! A huge thank you to all of our amazing family members and friends for being so loving and supportive and for coming together to help us pull this thing off! We couldn't have managed any of this without you and we love you beyond words! Now after a year of intense planning, organizing, backbreaking yardwork and an insane amount of DYI projects, we are taking a much deserved vacation and then heading off to Hawaii for our honeymoon. The beach is calling, and no, we don't aren't listening when you say Dragon*Con is a month away. WE CAN'T HEAR YOU, LA LA LA!

June 26th, 2013: PortCon Maine 2013
Last weekend Sketch and I attended PortCon Maine in South Portland, ME along with PatrickD, EllyStar, Gale, and Doug Wilder. It was my seventh year attending, and we had a great time. On Friday the entire podcast crew sat on Gale’s “Consplay Is Not Consent” panel, which was well-received, and EllyStar performed in Anime Unscripted that evening. We also went off site to Fort Williams Park, about 20 minutes away , to do an awesome photoshoot of our Magic Knight Rayearth costumes and the Golden Goddesses from The Legends of Zelda series. EllyStar had made all of the Goddess costumes for us as a project and she did a wonderful job. On Saturday I wore Rainbow Brite and Sketch, EllyStar and I judged the masquerade performances. We also attended plenty of panels, including the Cosplay Safety Project, Doctor Who Costuming and Rule 64. Finally, we wrapped up the weekend with some great sightseeing on Sunday, checking out Portland’s famous Head Light and downtown old Portland. We also made enough in the con’s garage sale to pay for an open bar at our wedding! WHOO-HOO! You can read more about our weekend in my con report found HERE.

April 1st, 2013: April Fool's Day On Board The Satellite of Love
For April Fool's Day, the AnimeCons.TV podcast crew likes to do something a little special. In previous years we warped back to 1990 for the "Totally Awesome Japanamation Fan Show," in which we explored the new world of anime on laser disc. If you missed it, you can catch it on VHS tape HERE. This year we went bigger and crazier than ever, putting our acting and puppeteering skills to the test with a Mystery Science Theater 3000 spoof starring PatrickD's fully functioning replicas of Tom Servo and Crowe, and EllyStar in a hysterical performance as Pearl Foster. Join us on the Satellite of Love as Sketch, Tom Servo, and Crowe are forced by the evil Pearl to suffer through the worst possible video ever made: our first AnimeCons.TV episode from January 2009. THE HORROR! (No, really trust us, we’re cringing.) Check out the episode, entitled "Mystery Science Podcast 4000" HERE. If you enjoy it, please subscribe to our podcast episodes - new ones are released every Monday covering topics from convention advice, cosplaying tips, news, tutorials, and more! We swear they aren't as bad as the first episode. Really.

February 19th, 2013: Katsucon 2013
I've never been to Washington D.C. before and I was super excited to road trip down with Sketch to finally attend Katsucon last weekend. Unfortunately, I managed to come down with some crummy illness the day before we left, so I spent most of the weekend not being able to talk and feeling pretty shitty overall. However, I made it out for my cosplay groups and had an absolutely fabulous time. The Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center is an absolutely gorgeous facility for photos and cosplay, and has so many fun places to explore outside of the much bally-hooed gazebo. I debuted the Senshi version of my favorite Dead Moon Circus character, JunJun, AKA Sailor Juno from Sailor Moon along with AkaneSaotome, Gale, and Erisika for our Asteroid Senshi group. Lionel took some amazing photos of us which were a blast to pose for. I also dressed as Princess Small Lady Serenity for Akane Saotome's Princess Senshi group, and on Saturday, Gale, Stardust and I finally wore our Magic Knights Rayearth outfits! I also loved seeing all of the amazing costumes; cosplayers really brought their A Game for all three days of the convention and it was wonderful. I even got to finally meet Tess after years of following each other's work online! She was very sweet; I just felt bad I couldn't say much! You can read my full report HERE. Now I need to buckle down and plan a wedding... no more cons for me until summer!

January 7th, 2013: Happy New Year!
Guess what everyone! The world didn't end in 2012! :) I hope all of you had a safe and fun-filled holiday and didn't let all that talk about the End Times get you down. After spending Christmas with my family and Sketch's family, we got to attend EllyStar's wedding with the rest of the Podcast Crew. It was a blast and a beautiful snowstorm added a touch of winter magic to the festivities! In cosplay news, Sketch and I are starting the 2013 season off early with my first trip to Katsucon in February, where I will be debuting several new Sailor Moon costumes, and after years and years of promising, Gale, Stardust, and I will finally cosplay the celestial armor versions of Magic Knights Rayearth! I'm using worbla for the first time to make my armor and will be doing a review of how that goes for AnimeCons.TV, so look forward to that! Also, watch our Convention Year-In-Review Podcast for 2012! If you like what you see, please subscribe to our broadcast. For our fifth season, we are changing from a monthly long episodes to shorter weekly segments which helps us keep up with current events. Check us out!

September 22nd, 2012: Dragon*Con 2012
It's been a whirlwind of a summer, so I can hardly believe fall is here and another Dragon*Con has come and gone! Sketch and I had another fantastic time in Atlanta this year, and we got to wear some amazing costumes! We joined EllyStar and her brother as the four founders of Hogwarts: Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Sytherin in costumes we designed. We had a blast wearing them and calling out points whenever we saw students from our respective House! We were caught completely off guard by the reaction to our Friday night drinking costume; we wore all the team shirts and helmets from Legends of the Hidden Temple and carried around the silver monkey and resin medallions made by Sketch. We got a standing ovation in the food court and Felicia Day took our photo! Finally, Sunday was a dream-come-true costume for me; I had loved watching Rainbow Brite as a kid and have wanted to make her outfit since I started cosplaying. Not only did I finally do it, but all my friends joined me as the Color Kids! So amazing! As an obsessive X-Files and TNG fan, it was fun to get to meet Gillian Anderson, AKA Agent Scully, and Jonathan Frakes, AKA Commander Riker. Frakes may have aged a bit since the '80s, but he still has that twinkle in his eye...and he was the nicest Trek actor I've ever met. You can read my full report HERE. Now its time to prepare for winter...and start wedding dress shopping! :)

July 8th, 2012: Cherry Blossom Festival, PortCon Maine 2012, and a Big Surprise!
It's been a while since my last update, and there's been plenty of exciting things happening to report! This past spring, several friends and I attended Boston's first ever Cherry Blossom festival downtown, and had a great time exploring the booths and watching the performances! You can read my report of the event HERE. A few weeks ago in June, the podcast crew and I attended PortCon Maine 2012, which featured performances by magician Brian Brushwood and a fantastic round of Anime Unscripted. I also premiered two new costumes, Miku Hatsune's butterfly kimono from Vocaloid: Project DIVA 2 and Tomoyo's artbook red and black outfit from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. I also was able to serve as a performance judge for the masquerade along with Sketch and EllyStar and saw some great costumes! My report is posted HERE. Finally, I've had a life-changing surprise; Sketch and I are engaged! He proposed to me last week during our Fourth of July bonfire party in front of both our families and close friends! Now I have a wedding to plan...so exciting! <3

April 15th, 2012: Anime Boston 2012: 10th Anniversary Edition
We're back from Anime Boston 2012, which was the tenth year of the con and, despite competition from PAX East down the street, was attended by over 22,000 people! There were some fantastic events for the convention's milestone year, including an Anime Boston museum, slideshows, and plenty of stories from past events. Sketch, ExileFayt and I had a trip down memory lane ourselves when we premiered our Lynx, Serge, and Riddel Viper costumes from the classic video game Chrono Cross on Friday. That evening, I performed as Eternal Chibimoon from Sailor Moon for The Chibi Project's presentation, and Saturday Dead Moon Circus unveiled its big project, cosplaying every Aeon from Final Fantasy X! I obviously did Shiva, and we had a blast in the costumes, though it was too difficult to get onstage to participate in the masquerade. We're going to work on revamping the skit and bringing it back next year! Overall we had a wonderful time and the event proved that AB deserves to celebrate. Here's to another ten years! You can read my entire report for the weekend HERE.

March 12th, 2012: Distant Worlds : The Music of Final Fantasy Concert
This past weekend I took a break from Anime Boston preparations to attend a Final Fantasy music concert! As a huge fan of Nobuo Uematsu's work, I had been hoping a Final Fantasy concert would come to Boston since the original 2002 concert was held in Japan. After a decade of waiting, I was BEYOND excited to get tickets to the sold-out Distant Worlds: The Music of Final Fantasy concert on March 10th, I went with Sketch, EllyStar, and several other friends, but the audience was virtually a Who's Who of the New England convention scene, and we found ourselves waiving to all sorts of people we knew as the orchestra tuned up to start the show. The concert was held at Symphony Hall in Boston, performed by the wonderfully talented Video Game Orchestra, and conducted by Grammy Award winning music director Arnie Roth. It was nothing short of amazing, covering tunes from the classic NES games to a preview of the new Chocobo Theme from the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV. The highlight of the evening, however, was when the group utilized the floor-to-ceiling pipe organ in the music hall to play a proper rendition of Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI! You can read a full review of my experience HERE, and if you like Final Fantasy music and ever get a chance to attend one of these concerts, definitely go!

January 4th, 2012: Happy New Year!
Happy 2012 everybody! I hope all of you had a safe and fun-filled holiday and are ready for the new cosplay year. After spending Christmas with my family up in the Northeast, Sketch and I flew down to San Antonio, Texas to have Christmas Part II with his family. We were excited to feel 70-degree weather again, and had a blast visiting The Alamo and Sea World where we got to feed and pet the dolphins! Fun times! Now 2012 is here and we are getting down to work on our cosplay plans for the upcoming convention season. First up is Anime Boston in April, where Sketch and I will be debuting our Lynx and Riddel costumes from Chrono Cross on Friday; he is remaking his Lynx costume from 2005 while I am using Chibi Rinoa's equally old Riddel costume as a pattern to make a brand new one from scratch. We also have some big plans for Saturday that involves several friends of ours and that we are super excited about! Meanwhile, I will be catching up on some of the lagging con reports and other sections around the site that need updating, so check back for those! Also, watch our Convention Year-In-Review Podcast for 2011 on AnimeConsTV! If you like what you see, please subscribe to our broadcast as we will be starting our FOURTH SEASON in January. Woo-hoo!

September 26th, 2011: Dragon*Con 2011
I spent another amazing Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia attending Dragon*Con! Sketch and I were ecstatic to find that Dragon*Con has officially FIXED THEIR REGISTRATION PROBLEM; getting our badges took three hours in 2009 and five hours in 2010, while this year we waited only forty-five minutes. The con itself was fantastic and I got in plenty of cosplaying; I wore my re-vamped Queen Frostine from Candyland, Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon for our Eternal Senshi group, Inara for our Firefly cast, and Peppermint Crunch for our My Little Pony: Sundae Best group. Saturday morning PatrickD and I marched in the Dragon*Con parade with our brand new wedding versions of The Doctor and Amy Pond. We danced the entire parade route yelling, "We're just here for the dancing!" Saturday night Sketch and I hit up "The Last Party On Alderaan" with our new Princess Leia and Han Solo costumes; the music was fantastic music and there was lots of lightsaber dancing. Aside from costuming, I was able to meet two of my favorite actors from my childhood: Gates McFadden and Brent Spiner (aka Beverly Crusher and Data) from Star Trek: The Next Generation. They were both ridiculously nice, chatted, and signed my TNG cast poster. We also spent some time hanging out with Brian Brushwood, the guys from NFSW, as well as several cast members from The Guild, while having drinks at Pulse. Finally, I actually took some time to see more of Atlanta this year, hitting up both Centennial Olympic Park and the Georgia Aquarium before heading home. Both are definitely worth the trip! I can't wait to go back next year!

August 18th, 2011: PortCon Maine, ConnectiCon 2011, and Win A Smartphone Contest!
Sandwiched around Fourth of July weekend I attended both PortCon Maine and ConnectiCon 2011. PortCon went "multi-genre" for its tenth anniversary, and Sketch and I even brought the TARDIS for the event. Despite constant rain we had an incredible time partying with our friends as well as with podcaster/magician Brian Brushwood, voice actor Chris Ayres and the other guests. I also interviewed Brian for AnimeConsTV, which you can watch HERE. Be sure to follow his Twitter and check out his podcasts! I also got a great photoshoot in my Lebreau costume from Final Fantasy XIII, despite the fact it was sweltering in the pool area we shot in! Two weeks later Sketch and I drove down to ConnectiCon, were I performed in Anime Unscripted Friday night with Christina Vee, Jon St. John, and Sketch. On Saturday I premiered Rise from Persona 4 before changing into Inara from Firefly for the masquerade. There I served as one of the performance judges, which was a ton of fun! Also, my Lord of the Rings FMV, "Dance With The Devil" won two awards: Best Drama and Judge's Choice, which was AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who voted! On Sunday I wore Rachel Berry from Glee while Sketch, Katy, and Ryan dressed as Warblers. They danced and lip synched to music from the show while I kept crashing in - because Rach's a diva, duh! Finally, our August episode of AnimeConsTV is FINALLY up, and we have a contest to win a free smartphone powered by Android, so CHECK THAT OUT!

May 31st, 2011: Anime Boston 2011 and BBC America's TARDIS Contest
Last month I attended Anime Boston 2011 and I had an absolute blast! On Friday Sketch and I decided to be nostalgic and wandered around as Tifa and Vash - the costumes we were wearing when we met five years ago. Later that evening I changed into my Eternal Chibimoon costume for our Sailor Moon Stars Eternal Senshi photoshoot. All the girls looked fantastic and it was a lot of fun, even though it was FREEZING outside! I then enjoyed the 18+ Dating Game before hitting up the Sheraton bar with the Podcast Crew for the AnimeCons.com meetup, where we were throwing back drinks and chatting with everyone. Saturday Sketch and I cosplayed Miku Hatsune and Kaito from Vocaloid and interviewed con attendees before hitting up the masquerade. Finally on Sunday I premiered a new costume, Skuld, for an Ah My Goddess school uniform photoshoot with Ben Robbins organized by Bell-chan herself, Kurthy. EllyStar made the outfit for me and it came out great! I will have photos from both the Sailor Moon and Ah My Goddess shoots posted soon. Finally, check out our Anime Boston 2011 Podcast Episode HERE, which includes a con review, an interview with FUNimation's Adam Sheehan, the death of Tokyo Pop and attendee interviews. In other news, Sketch entered his TARDIS in BBC America's "Where's the TARDIS?" Contest, where contestants showcase their TARDIS' design, construction, finished product, and display it in a public location. I made this VIDEO as part of his contest entry. Please vote for us by clicking "like" on our entry page HERE!

March 7th, 2011: New Layout!
Happy Spring Cleaning everyone! After a miserable winter up here in the Northeast, spring and convention season are finally around the corner! In that vein, the site has had a long-overdue overhaul; you can now access the newest costume, latest photoshoot updates, and view the current episode of AnimeCons.TV, our monthly podcast, right at the bottom of the homepage! You may notice I've changed the site display to fit with the current default for most browsers. That means the site should no longer appear as a narrow block floating on a wide background (gross) and that I have more room to display information (yay cleaner pages). Please be patient as all of the costume and events pages are tweaked to fit the new size. In cosplay news, I'm currently getting ready for Anime Boston 2011! I have some fun and exciting costume plans for the con and I can't wait! I hope to see you there!

October 27th, 2010: Another Anime Con 2010 and NEW FMV!
I spent the last weekend accompanying Sketch to Another Anime Convention in Nashua, NH, where he was a guest. Although my friends and I had regularly attended this con in the past, we were so disappointed with it last year that we had decided not to go back. However, when Sketch was offered free badges for the both of us, a comped art table and hotel room for bringing the TARDIS to the convention, we decided to go, mostly as a favor to our friend Jugglesgeese who was the emcee of the masquerade. The theme of the show was Doctor Who, and she wanted us to perform with her and Steve between numbers to keep things moving and a filler skit she had written to take up time while the performance judges deliberated on their awards. I agreed to bring my Amy Pond costume, and Sketch was Jack Harkness along with PatD as the 11th Doctor, Steve as Rose Tyler, and Jugglesgeese as the 10th Doctor. We had a lot of fun partying with friends, selling cartooned bar coasters at Sketch's table, performing in the masquerade and doing some FANTASTIC photoshoots with Christa Newman as the Doctor Who cast and in my Inara Serra costume from Firefly. Punzy also got some great shots of my Miku Hatsune costume from Vocaloid; you can see all the new pics on the costume pages. The convention itself, however, was even more horrible from the year before, with atrocious behavior by both the attendees and the staff. I highly doubt I could be convinced to return after witnessing this disaster of an event, and it was by far the worst con I have ever been to. For details, check out my full report HERE. In happier news, I finished a new music video to Lord of the Rings! Check it out HERE!

September 9th, 2010: Dragon*Con 2010
I spent this past Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, GA at my second Dragon*Con. Instead of road tripping this year, Sketch and I decided to fly down, and we had an absolute blast. Our King Kandy and Queen Frostine costumes from Candyland were a huge hit with EllyStar and Crazy Flower as Grandma Nutt and Jolly. We also premiered our Mal Reynolds and Inara Serra costumes from Firefly, in which we met Jewel Staite and danced the night away at the Firefly Shindig party. Other highlights included Marina Sirtis, aka Deanna Troi from Star Trek: TNG, who ran the funniest guest panel I have ever been to at a con. I also went the the I Dream of Jeannie panel which had the entire main cast in attendance, and Barbara Eden is officially still drop-dead gorgeous even though she turned 76 two weeks ago. I got some more use out of my Steampunk Cheshire Cat, Deanna Troi, and Amy Pond costumes, and saw some amazing others. My favorites included the cast of Jem and the Holograms, Glee (from the Lady Gaga episode), Strawberry Shortcake (drinking out of flasks), Russell from UP (with BALLOONS), and a trio of weeping angels from Doctor Who who spent the entire weekend in character and creeping the hell out of the entire convention. Once I recover, you can read my entire report HERE. I'm exhausted and I still can't wait for next year!

July 25th, 2010: PortCon Maine and ConnectiCon 2010
It's been a busy summer around here and I just returned from two really enjoyable conventions: PortCon Maine and ConnectiCon. At PortCon I premiered Lebreau from Final Fantasy XIII and Relm from Final Fantasy VI. I also co-hosted team trivia with EllyStar and interviewed con attendees for the Animecons.com podcast's "Versus" segment, which pitted them against the attendees of AnimeNext. To see the result, check out the July episode of our podcast here. A week and a half later I headed to ConnectiCon, where I performed in Anime Unscripted along with Sketch and voice actors Bill Rogers and Michele Knotz. PatrickD also started a new website called Bill Rogers Punched Me In The Face.com where you can find pics of Bill punching me, Patrick, Sketch, Michele, and other friends in the face with hilarious results. I also premiered my Amy Pond costume from Doctor Who, Padmé Amidala's Lake Dress from Star Wars: Episode II, and Sketch, Stardust and I ran around as Sunnydale High School Dodgeball Players from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and yes, we know that's a volleyball, but Sketch and I forgot the dodgeball at home. Whoops. :P) At any rate, it was a fun, but exhausting couple of weeks! Now to collapse in a heap before getting ready for Dragon*Con in September! In the meantime, my detailed reports will be up shortly here.

May 16th, 2010: Anime Boston 2010
A little late in updating, but I had a fantastic time at Anime Boston last month! I premiered my Eternal Sailor Chibi Moon costume from Sailor Moon Stars and my Rosette Christopher costume from Chrono Crusade. The masquerade was a big step up this year; there were lots of excellent skits and costumes and we thought it was a tossup for who was going to win the major awards. However, after four long months of working on our skit and costumes, our "Battlefield" performance won us Best In Show - for the second year in a row! You can watch the skit in the performance section here. I also went to the Video Game Orchestra concert, and watched a talented ensemble perform amazing songs from Chrono Trigger, God of War, Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and of course, Final Fantasy. The best part - MR. NOBUO UEMATSU himself joined in for the Advent Children encore! It was the best event I have ever been to at a convention, hands down. You can read about this and the rest of my report here. Also, in more personal news, after being friends for four years after meeting at Anime Boston 2006, Sketch and I decided that we're officially dating at Anime Boston 2010. This has been a long time coming, so we're excited to see where this goes. Looking forward taking on the rest of the con season as a duo!

March 1st, 2010: Spring Cleaning!
It's 2010 and I've been busy updating parts the site and cleaning up sections which had gotten messy. The Costumes page is now sorted by genre and series, the Links page has been updated to include new and revamped cosplay sites of several friends, and I've uploaded all of our masquerade skits from last season to the Performance page, including a "Making Of" music video for our Dead Moon Circus skit from Anime Boston. Also, brand new to the site is the AnimeCons.com Podcast page; our second season premiered in January and our monthly episodes include convention news, interviews with voice actors and artists, cosplay advice, con survival tips such as how to cook food in your hotel room, and much more. Our current episode for March 2010 includes myself and EllyStar giving masquerade skit advice, so take a peek and subscribe if you like what you see! Finally, I'm hard at work preparing for Anime Boston 2010; I've got a couple of new costumes in the works and am deep into rehearsals for our masquerade performance, and I can't wait! Hope to see you there!

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May 18th, 2006: Site Launched!
After much hemming and hawing, Diamond Dust Cosplay is finally created. Feel free to poke around, and check out the Costume Pages to see what I've been up to.