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We're Sketch and Shiva, an award-winning, married cosplay team based out of New England with extensive backgrounds in theater and dance performance and twenty years of experience making costumes and props. As of 2022, we have made over 125 costumes, performed in over 70 cosplay events, won 37 awards for our work, and have served as performance judges at 16 masquerades. This website includes photos and descriptions of our costumes, our convention and event reports, videos of our performances and AMVs, and tutorials from the podcast we work on, AnimeCons TV. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


January 9th, 2022: Happy New Year!
Happy 2022 everyone! Itís been another weird year with plenty of sadness, happiness, and stress mixed into one. 2021 was a convention-less year for us, and we were saddened to hear of the passing of both voice actor Chris Ayres and Anime Boston's longtime masquerade host Dijit, better known to the crowds by his stage name, "The Roadie." Instead of making costumes, we were hard at work building ourselves a new house all year, which was challenging but very rewarding and includes plenty of space for cosplay work and storage. We did work on several podcasts, however; check out the AnimeConsTV 2021 Year in Review and 2022 Predictions. Shiva also made two appearances on the Convention Confessional podcast, discussing competing with the group Dead Moon Circus and various Adventures at Dragon*Con. Sketch started off 2022 also on the Convention Confessional podcast, discussing his first time cosplaying as Vash the Stampede all the way back in 2004! 2022 is looking to be another strange year, but we wish everyone the best and are hoping for a happier and healthier new year!

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