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Awarded SECOND PLACE PERFORMANCE at ConnectiCon 2009

"She Meant NOTHING To Me!" was Steve's idea; he had recently become a fan of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles and he and Punzy wanted to do a skit as Syaoran and Princess Sakura. They wanted me to be involved, but I was a bit burnt out making costumes and wanted to use something I already had. Since Batman was going to be the theme for the masquerade, Steve suggested Syaoran and Sakura could time jump to Gotham City, allowing me to wear my Poison Ivy costume. We also decided to spoof the trashy daytime talk show, Maury Povich, which is infamous for helping women determine the father of their babies. Therefore Syaoran had a previous relationship with Ivy, Ivy gave birth to a "Syaoran Baby," and a huge catfight between Ivy and Sakura ensues until Maury Povich himself arrives on the scene to set the record straight.


Cast List: Performed At: Honors Awarded:
Syaoran: Steve
Sakura Hime: Punzy
Poison Ivy: Shiva
Maury Povich: Keith
Security: Courtney
ConnectiCon 2009 Second Place Performance
ConnectiCon 2009 Masquerade
Written By: Source: Music:
Steve Downie Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles The Way You Move by OutKast