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Awarded the OMGWTFBBQ PERFORMANCE AWARD at PortCon Maine 2008

"Welcome To Disney Heck" was another one of Crazy Flower's ideas; she thought it would be funny to do a skit which involved Japanese Final Fantasy heroines Aeris and Rinoa being drafted to appear in Disney's Kingdom Hearts series. Ursula the Sea Witch, a Disney character from The Little Mermaid who also appears in Kingdom Hearts, was hired to brainwash the ladies in the "Disney" way of doing things. It was a great opportunity for Crazy Flower to show off her amazing Ursula costume, and I already had a Kingdom Hearts Rinoa costume. Gale agreed to be the Kingdom Hearts version of Aeris, and her boyfriend Eric joined us as Cloud. The skit went through several incarnations before being finalized, but by the end, Aeris gets killed and we do the requisite song parody of "It's A Small World" which is guaranteed to be stuck in the heads of audiences for the rest of the masquerade.


Cast List: Performed At: Honors Awarded:
Sea Witch Ursula: Crazy Flower
Rinoa Heartilly: Shiva
Aeris Gainsbrough: Gale
Cloud Strife: Eric
PortCon Maine 2008 OMGWTFBBQ Performance Award
PortCon Maine 2008 Masquerade
Written By: Source: Music:
Shiva Kingdom Hearts II It's A Small World After All
Walt Disney Co.