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Awarded BEST IN SHOW at Anime Boston 2009

The idea for this skit was born on New Year's Day 2009 when Britney Spears' song, "Circus," came on the radio. Punzy mentioned that it would be a fun song to do a dance to, and Jugglesgeese suggested choreographing it as a skit for Anime Boston using characters from Sailor Moon. We initially were going to perform as the Inner Senshi, but I decided cosplaying the Amazon Quartet would make the song choice more appropriate. I spent a couple months choreographing the dance, and I worked to incorporate the Quartet's attacks into the movement, mimicking their use of pool sticks, balls, and ribbons in the anime. By the end of March, I started teaching the dance to the group, who worked really hard to learn the moves I threw at them. By Anime Boston they performed well enough to win Best In Show!


Cast List: Performed At: Honors Awarded:
Tuxedo Mask: Steve
JunJun: Shiva
CeresCeres: Punzy
PallaPalla: Jugglesgeese
VesVes: Gale
Anime Boston 2009 Best In Show
Anime Boston 2009 Masquerade
Choreographed By: Source: Music:
Shiva Sailor Moon SuperS Circus by Britney Spears