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Awarded BEST IN SHOW at Anime Boston 2010

In the fall of 2009, Sketch and I discussed creating a skit with a lot of stage combat, and I was interested in using the song "Battlefield" by Jordin Sparks as I felt it would fit this concept in a unique way. When we brought these ideas to Linker and Bry-Chan, the four of us struggled to come up with a series which we enjoyed and would fit the song, but also had costumes which would be challenging to make but practical for dancing and fighting. Finally, Linker suggested Chrono Crusade and having wings which unfolded on cue. We thought this idea was fantastic; it fit what we needed and Linker and I had always wanted to cosplay as Chrono and Rosette. The song and combat were difficult to choreograph, and we spent four long months flushing out the movement and storyline. Everyone worked ridiculously hard, and by Anime Boston it all came together to win us Best In Show!


Cast List: Performed At: Honors Awarded:
Chrono: Steve
Rosette Christopher: Shiva
Aion: Sketch
Satella Harvenheit: Punzy
Anime Boston 2010 Best In Show
Anime Boston 2010 Masquerade
Choreographed By: Source: Music:
Shiva Chrono Crusade Battlefield by Jordin Sparks