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Dragon*Con 2012
Super MegaFest 2014
Anime Boston 2016
Salem Haunted Happenings Parade
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Godric Gryffindor: Sketch
Helga Hufflepuff: EllyStar
Salazar Slytherin: Iceman
Photo Credits:
Photography by Amie E.
Christa Newman Photography
Doug Wilder
Robert Scholz
Harry Potter

When it comes to Hogwarts Houses I've always considered myself to be a Ravenclaw, so when EllyStar asked me to be Rowena for a Hogwarts Founders group she was putting together, I had to say yes. This group was a wonderful experience from start to finish. It was a lot of fun to come up with our own designs and be inspired by each other's ideas, and it was rewarding to see how well it all came together.

Construction Notes:
I decided to go with the silver/blue movie colors for Ravenclaw, and sketched out lots of different designs for her before settling on the final idea. To save money and time, I bought a plain mass-produced Medieval style blue dress and went to town turning it into Rowena. I lined the sleeves with silver fabric and used silver cording sew curlicue designs onto the lining and give it texture. I found a beautiful silver brocade at Joann's that I used for the neckline, sleeve accents and sash, and grabbed a dark blue upholstery fabric on sale to make her long flowing cape. Silver metal broaches and pearls were used as accents and to hide snaps attaching the cape to the dress. The most important part of the outfit, however, was Rowena's diadem, one of the seven horcruxes and the only part of the outfit that had a movie reference. Using high-res images of the crown, Sketch sculpted it flat in clay and I carved in the Ravenclaw motto at the bottom. We then made a mold using the sculpture, and cast the entire thing in resin. We had to pop out the resin before it was completely hard to try and create the curve to match my head. It took a few casts to get that part correct. Once we were satisfied it fit, Sketch colored it silver with Rub and Buff and clear coated it to seal the color. He then painstakingly bedazzled it with tiny plastic gems using tweezers. The large blue gem was cast in resin from a mold. I threaded silver chain through to hang around the back as an extra decoration.

Photoshoot Pics: