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Star Wars

While I love Princess Leia, horrendously poor storytelling in the Star Wars prequels makes it difficult to relate to her stoic mother Padme or understand why she fell for a whiny and unsympathetic person like Anakin Skywalker. Unfortunately the film put more effort into Padme's wardrobe than her character, and in most cases I dislike her outfits because they are almost farcical in their over-elaborateness and impracticability. However, the Lake Dress worn in Episode II is the opposite: simple, elegant in its subtle sexiness, and yet confusing enough in design to seem otherworldly.

Construction Notes:
I started out by reviewing all the tutorials and reference images for this dress on the costuming website, The Padawan's Guide. The final product is an amalgamation of all three tutorials. The underdress is a basic A-line dress made from ivory fabric and gradient dyed yellow to pink to purple. The same fabric is used to make two arm warmers on each forearm. I then draped organza, using myself as a model, until I liked the shape of it, but basically it is two cone-shaped panels in the front and two rectangular shaped ones in the back. The organza separates in the front and is only held together at the bottom with a rubber band. The top of each panel is attached to the collar and gathers in a seam down the forearm, on the arm warmer. In the back, the two short edges are seamed on the arms like in the front, and the long edges are pinned up in two places on the back. The top hem is edged in satin ribbon. Once I liked the cut, the edges were serged and gradient dyed to match the dress with Rit Dye. The neck, arm, and front armor accents (the one in the front covers up the rubber band) are made from craft foam covered with Wonderflex and painted. The wig is still a work-in-progress, but it's getting closer. For the second attempt, I stuffed a nylon stocking with quilting batting and wrapped the hair extensions around that. I then attached it underneath the hair of the base wig and curled it under in the "seashell" shape. I then tucked extra strands from the base wig around the attachment once it was on.

Photoshoot Pics: