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Kaitlyn Abdou
Elizabeth O'Malley
Star Trek: The Next Generation

I adored watching Star Trek: The Next Generation as a kid back in the 1980s and always wanted a Starfleet uniform. Although my favorite female was Beverly Crusher, I look more like Deanna and enjoyed her character once it developed from "damsel" to "important member of the crew" in the latter seasons of the show. To reflect that I decided to do the Commander uniform which she wore during this time; when I met Marina Sirtis in 2010 she even said, "I finally got a brain when they covered up my cleavage!" Meeting Marina made me a huge fan, and I now love being Deanna.

Construction Notes:
Traditionally, the Next Generation uniforms made by Halloween costume companies have been atrocious in both color choice and design. However, in 2009 Rubies re-released their deluxe TNG uniforms for the first time since the show ended in 1993. These uniforms famously had the proper coloring and cut, and I jumped at the chance to get one. I got the small blue version, which fit perfectly lengthwise but was absolutely huge widthwise; apparently Rubies assumes that all Star Trek fans are horrendously overweight. Ripping the seams apart, I took in the costume almost six inches on each side of the waist and four inches on the width of each arm. I redid the darts in the front, and added stirrups to the bottom of the pants so that they could wrap around my boots and pull the costume taut across my body like it was designed to be in the show (Gene Roddenberry believed that in the 24th century, fabric was wrinkle-free). A magnet communicator pin and metal rank pips round out the look, making it difficult to tell itís a Halloween costume.

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