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Dragon*Con 2011
Dragon*Con 2012
D*C Parade, Dragon*Con 2011
Photo Credits:
Rob Scholz
AMY POND, Wedding Dress
Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans love to gush about David Tennant, but I'm a much bigger fan of Matt Smith's Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor and I love his cute, feisty, and apologetically awkward companion, Amy Pond. In some ways she reminds me of myself, even down to her penchant for short skirts, though saying anything else would be a spoiler.

Construction Notes:
I love Amy's wedding dress but didn't get the motivation until PatrickD decided to do the Doctor's wedding outfit and wanted me to join him for the Dragon*Con parade. The dress is a simple A-line design with a bridal satin base and a sheer overlay. I grabbed it on ebay for $60 and Stardust and I pulled off all the glass beading with Xacto knives. I then set about shaping and sewing on appliques to match Amy's pattern; I didn't have enough time to finish all the appliques for Dragon*Con, but they're sitting on my desk and I should be able to get them all on there this winter. The veil is one layer of white tulle gathered into a hair comb and the necklace I already had laying around. I love how it came out and Patrick and I had a blast dancing our way along the parade route!

Photoshoot Pics: