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Nick Harrington
Final Fantasy VIII

When I saw a lot of people making XBV style swimsuits for Final Fantasy characters, I thought it was an awesome idea and drew up a design for Rinoa. My plan was to make something that wasn't too close to Rinoa's actual costume, yet retained enough elements of her FF8 outfit that it would be recognizable as her character. Also, I wanted it to be completely wearable as an actual swimsuit. Therefore, I designed something I felt Rinoa would actually wear, rather than something that looked exactly like Rinoa's duster outfit.

Construction Notes:
The hardest part of this design was trying to find a plain black swimsuit; it would seem no one wants a little black bikini without some kind of design on it. After several months of searching, I finally found one which worked perfectly. I then stitched black satin ribbons to the center of the top piece and the right hip of the bottom piece as accents reminiscent of Rinoa’s arm ribbon. I also wear a blue ribbon bracelet wrapped around my left wrist to symbolize this ribbon and to add more of Rinoa’s blue coloring to the outfit. For the float I found a bright blue and clear ring which I blew up and painted Rinoa’s wing onto it with an iridescent waterproof white paint. Every time I wear the swimsuit I need to have Rinoa’s wings painted on my back; to make this easier for the poor volunteer I made a stencil of the wings by tracing the pattern from my Rinoa duster onto a sheet of thin card stock and cutting it out. However, I rarely use this anymore as I’ve become rather adept at painting them on myself using a mirror.

Photoshoot Pics: