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Convention History:
Anime Boston 2006
Cosplay Pajama Party 2006
Photo Credits:
Final Fantasy VIII

I designed this costume for a "Cosplay PJ Party" at Anime Boston 2006, which was fad at the time. I liked the concept a lot and I love how comfy it is to wear, especially after a long day walking around a convention!

Construction Notes:
This was really easy to make; I started out with a PJ top from Victoria's Secret made out of super comfy light blue fleece fabric with a white feather pattern printed on it – perfect for Rinoa! I trimmed the collar, sleeves, and front pocket with white Casa satin, and used the rest to make white wing appliqués to sew onto the back of the shirt just like Rinoa’s duster and a smaller wing appliqué for the front pocket. The black pants were store bought as were the beaded blue slippers, and I tied a blue ribbon around my head for a headband. I made the Squall plushie mainly out of felt and quilting batting; his blushed cheeks are embroidered on and his hair is fake fur for a teddy bear. I made his pants, t-shirt and jacket out of scraps of material lying around, while his belt is an old wristband with sequins glued on for studs and his necklace is a metal chain stolen – I mean borrowed - from my mother. Sorry Mom! He wears his Griever ring as a bracelet since it’s a tad big for him.

Photoshoot Pics: