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PortCon Maine 2015
Photo Credits:
Robert Scholz
Super Mario Bros. Series

I grew up with the Super Mario Bros. series, and always identified more with Princess Daisy and her athletic, tomboyish personality than her other more regal counterparts. When EllyStar wanted to do a Mario Princess group, I immediately picked Daisy!

Construction Notes:
EllyStar made this costume by making the full princess dresses and then we completely destroyed them to create the post-apolcalypic look, tearing them and then attacking them with scissors, water, makeup, and paint. We set some parts on fire and then took them outside to a dirt pile and stomped on them. Other than helping to destroy the dress I had pretty much nothing to do with making it. EllyStar also made matching vests and weapons for us. We actually want to destroy them more in the future.

Photoshoot Pics: