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Photo Credits:
Rob Scholz
Small Wonder

As a kid in the 1980s I loved the terrible sci-fi sitcom, Small Wonder. It was about a robotics engineer dad who built a robot called VICI, an acronym for "Voice Input Child Identicant," which was attended to assist handicapped children. To allow the program to "mature" in a family, he brought VICI home and passed her off as his adopted daughter, Vickie. I always thought it would be fun to cosplay VICI at Dragon*Con, and was actually really surprised I'd never seen anyone dress as her there before. This costume is so comfortable and fun to wear!

Construction Notes:
I found the perfect red and white polka dotted cotton fabric at Joann's, and made a fully lined dress using my Simplicity 4015 pattern. The sleeves and collar are edged with knife pleats. Using lessons learned making my Nurse Joy apron, I self-patterned VICI's apron out of white cotton and edged the hem and straps with pleated eyelet trim. The bow is a senshi bow made with white cotton, backed with interfacing and attaches to the back of the apron with snaps. Although the dress remains partially open in the back to reveal VICI's control panel, I still put in a zipper to close it halfway. The socks and shoes are store bought, and for the hair I pulled back my real hair into a ponytail, and then attached a clip-on ponytail for volume which is dyed to match my hair. My husband Sketch made the control panel, which is two old computer circuit boards dressed up with small LEDs and EL wire and mounted on foam board. The battery packs are hidden behind the board. The costume came out really cute, but it is the control panel that identifies me as VICI. It's the only costume I've ever worn where I pose for photos facing away from the camera!

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