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The American Girls Collection

I've had the American Girl doll Samantha since 1991 when I got her for my 9th birthday. She had always been my favorite character from the book series, mostly because I loved her clothes! It was a childhood dream of mine to dress just like her.

Construction Notes:
This is actually the official Pleasant Company reproduction of Samantha's Christmas Dress from Samantha's Surprise: A Christmas Story, which was marketed in the early 1990s as part of an entire line of child-size "Dress Like Your Doll" outfits. At the time, Samantha dresses sold for $80 - $110 apiece, which was a fortune to a kid who saved up her babysitting money just to buy the doll clothes. I remembered, however, that the dresses famously ran quite large, and when I saw this dress for sale on eBay in perfect condition I pulled out an old Pleasant Company catalog I had saved and poured over the measurements. Still, it was a gamble that a child size 12 would fit me, but luckily enough, when the dress arrived, it fit! It's slightly short in the sleeve length, but otherwise is fine. I made the petticoat to go underneath it and the matching hair bow.

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