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Dragon*Con 2012
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Stormy: Punzy
Tickled Pink: Gale
Red Butler: Iceman and Doug
Lala Orange: Sweet Pea
Canary Yellow: Sabine and Ryan
Patty O'Green: EllyStar
Buddy Blue: Sketch
Shy Violet: Scarlet
Moonglow: Chinako
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Doug Wilder
Lionel Lum
Rainbow Brite

I loved watching Rainbow Brite as a little kid, so much that she was on my birthday cake when I turned 5. I've always wanted to make her outfit and was a little intimidated, but I absolutely LOVE how this came out. It was a blast to wear and even more fun to do it with all of my friends as the Color Kids. We were so colorful, so 80s and so adorable!

Construction Notes:
I wanted to keep the '80s look of the costume but make sure it also looked right being worn by an adult, so I was really careful to keep an eye on proportions so that it wasn't too poofy or too un-poofy. I started with the blue jumper, which I made by modifying a Simplicity sundress pattern, changing the angles of the skirt so it stuck out more and came to a "V" in the front and back. I used a matte cotton fabric for the dress, but a shiny satin for the white trim, which I made by covering craft foam and sandwiching the hem in between. The neckline is trimmed in bias tape and the little shoulder "wings" were also made by covering craft foam. The sleeves were the worst part; I sewed strips of cotton fabric together into what looked like gay pride flags, then cut out the sleeve pattern on top of that. I double-layered the fabric and packed it with batting, then top-stitched each stripe to get the "poof" effect. I then sewed the sleeve seam - which took several attempts before the colors lined up with each other - then attached the finished sleeve to the jumper. I used a similar technique on the boot covers. The belt/suspender combo is burlap covered in fabric to keep it stiff, whereas the rainbow is a satin-stitched applique I made separately and heat bonded onto the belt. All of the stars are buttons from JoAnns, and the hair ribbon is bias tape.

Photoshoot Pics: