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Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2009
PortCon Maine 2011
Dragon*Con 2011
Katsucon 2014
Dragon*Con 2015
Photo Castmates:
Banana Surprise: Punzy
Coco Berry: Lisa
Swirly Whirly: Chinako
Sherbert: EllyStar
Crunch Berry: Scarlet
Photo Credits:
Lionel Lum
Rob Scholz
Al Ng
My Little Pony

When I first decided to go to Dragon*Con in 2009, several of my friends asked if I wanted to join the My Little Pony photoshoot being organized there. I had seen photos from several of these gatherings before and thought the costumes were adorable, so I immediately agreed. I chose Peppermint Crunch from the Sundae Best Series because it was one of the only ponies I actually owned as a kid and really loved the color scheme. After that, I was on a mission to get the full Sundae Best group of ponies together, since they are so colorful and adorable looking!

Construction Notes:
In 2009, there was not a lot of mint fleece available; I spent months searching fabric stores to no avail. Finally, two weeks before the con I found the perfect color just in time! The circle skirt is fully lined and closes with a side zipper. The ice cream cutie marks are cut from craft foam, glued together in layers to create the design and then hand sewn onto the outer layer of the skirt. The top is a boned white corset with green fleece panels, creating the white and green pattern to break up the top with some color variation. Both the arm and leg warmers are trimmed with thick white ribbon to simulate hooves. I added pink satin ribbon accents to the sleeves and leg warmers, and attached mini craft foam ice creams as accents. For the hair and the tail I got two wigs in the same lilac color; the first is a nicely styled one for my hair and the second a long straight one for my tail. A strip of bias tape with a craft foam ice cream accent and a snap serves as a necklace. Finally, I made wings out of pink and white craft foam sandwiched around wire and foam board for stiffness. They slip into the corset with a U-shaped wire, and actually flutter when I walk, which is a lot of fun. The ears and unicorn horn I bought from Yaya Han's pony accessory line. I was happy to see they had the perfect mint color to match my outfit!

Photoshoot Pics: