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Dragon*Con 2015
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Lionel Lum
Rob Scholz
COCO BERRY: Sundae Best Series
My Little Pony

After making my Peppermint Crunch from the Sundae Best Series in 2009, I was on a mission to get the full Sundae Best group of ponies together, since they are so colorful and adorable looking! I sketched designs for several of the other ponies, including Coco Berry, which I envisioned as having a jumper/overall type design on top with oversize buttons and poofy sleeves. In 2015 I decided to make my designs for the other ponies for friends to wear as part of the group.

Construction Notes:
My base for this costume was baby blue fleece which matched the fabric I had used for Peppermint Crunch. I used Peppermint's skirt, cutie marks, and leg warms as a template for Coco's to ensure they matched both in size and design. The skirt is fully lined and the ice cream cutie marks are cut from craft foam, glued together in layers to create the design and then hand sewn onto the outer layer of the skirt. The top was modified from my [insert pattern number] dress pattern, with the poofy sleeves from my Steampunk [insert pattern number] pattern. I added the faux "overall straps" with a hand drawn design and added oversized buttons I'd found at Joann's to complete the look. The leg warmers are trimmed with thick yellow ribbon to simulate hooves, and since the top already had sleeves, I decided not to do arm warmers as that felt like it would look like overkill. Raspberry bias tape accents on leg warmers and the neckline brings in the ice cream's color to the design. For the hair and the tail I used two wigs I already had which matched in dusty pink color; the first is a nicely styled one for my hair and the second a long straight one for my tail. A strip of bias tape with a craft foam ice cream accent and a snap serves as a necklace. Finally, the ears I bought from Yaya Han's pony accessory line. I was happy to see they had the perfect baby blue color!

Photoshoot Pics: