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Convention History:
Anime Boston 2009
Dragon*Con 2015
Photo Credits:
Erika Webb
Jeannette Chambliss
MRS. PEACOCK: Original Design

One night, a group of friends and I were playing Clue and I mentioned how much fun it would be to cosplay the Clue characters. Katy then noted that Anime Boston's theme for the year was "Detective Mystery" and we decided we just had to do it. We decided to make our own designs for the characters rather than copy a specific version of the game or the movie. I chose Mrs. Peacock because I love both the color blue and peacock feathers, and decided to glam her up with a sparkly evening gown.

Construction Notes:
I searched online for dresses by color, looking for one that had both proper “peacock” shade of blue and a design that I liked. I ended up snagging a mermaid-style pageant dress on eBay for only $90, on sale from several hundred dollars more even though it was brand new and never worn. The color was perfect, the design was elegant, and it was artfully covered in silver rhinestones. My only fear was that it wouldn’t fit; my body shape is a very standardized 8 so I usually have no problem getting all sorts of clothes online. However, I’d never worn a mermaid cut dress before and wasn’t sure how my hip measurement might effect a dress size. Luckily, however, it fit perfectly when it arrived. I used my red Felicity wig for the hair, found a silver hairclip with peacock feathers to use as an accent, and threw together some costume jewelry from my collection. To give Peacock a haughty appearance, I got a pair of silver and pearl opera glasses to use as a prop. Finally, I used my Scully revolver and tucked it into a garter I had gotten at my friend’s wedding (yay catching the boquet!) for her weapon.

Photoshoot Pics: