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Dragon*Con 2013
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Doug Wilder
Lionel Lum

I loved Peanuts growing up and Lucy was always my absolute favorite character. Sure, she's kind of a bitch, but she knows what she wants, tells it like it is, and she doesn't suffer any fools. I wanted to cosplay her, but only if I could have her "Psychiatric Help 5" booth. My friends thought this was a great idea, and decided to join me! We had so much fun wearing these costumes, and I made over $2 dispensing psychiatric advice!

Construction Notes:
For Lucy's outfit I wanted to go realistic and make a 1950s/60s style kids dress Lucy's design is portraying rather than be literal and replicate the tiny skirt drawn in the cartoon. I used three yards of blue cotton fabric for the dress, which was made using the Simplicity 4015 pattern. I lengthened the skirt and raised the collar to be more appropriate to Lucy, and patterned her scalloped collar by hand, which is backed with interfacing. The sash I made using Casa satin for contrast, and I made the bow in the back using the Sailor Senshi bow method - I'm getting so used to making senshi bows that I made the bow by eyeballing it rather than measuring, and when I was done, it was the perfect size for a senshi chest bow! The wig is a 1950s style Grease wig which works perfectly for Lucy.

Photoshoot Pics: