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Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2010
Dragon*Con 2011
Katsucon 2014
Dragon*Con 2014
Photo Castmates:
King Kandy: Sketch
Princess Lolly: Punzy
Grandma Nutt: Scarlet and EllyStar
Jolly: Crazy Flower
Mint: Chinako
Candy Kids: Colin and Nora
Photo Credits:
Christa J Newman Photography
Jeannette Chambliss
Elizabeth Lepisto
QUEEN FROSTINE: Original Game Design

Candyland was my all-time favorite game as a kid, and Queen Frostine was my favorite character (followed by Plumpy as a close second). I've wanted to do a cosplay group for this since 2007, so I was psyched to finally get my friends on board to cosplay the cast! We wanted to follow the 1984 game designs, which is the version we grew up with and also the first release of the game that had characters. In all incarnations the game prior to the 1980s, the game only had landscapes and candy.

Construction Notes:
It took me forever to find the correct shade of blue fabric for this dress; I finally took a chance on some high quality royal blue satin I found online and bought as much as they had, which I used that to make a huge circle skirt and steel boned corset. I then made two petticoats to go underneath the skirt with layers of white Casa, and bought a collapsible hoop skirt to wear underneath all of the skirts and give the dress its proper shape. For the "frosting" accents, I used white satin and decided to make them lie flat against the skirt with serged edges instead of stuffing them with batting. The crown is made from worbla painted silver with blue glass accents glued to the points for the gems. It's backed with a chef's hat which I hand dyed blue. The necklace was handmade with plastic beads and fishing wire, and Sketch made my staff from PVC pipe which is collapsible for air travel. The snowflake is a Christmas garage decoration I bought and pulled apart to remove the Christmas lights from inside, since they require too much power to light with a battery pack. I replaced them with smaller LEDs that wire into a battery pack attached to the staff and covered with a foam board box decorated with glass ornaments.

Photoshoot Pics: