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Marie Antoinette Teaparty 2007
Photo Credits:
Christa Newman
The American Girls Collection

Felicity was my second American Girl doll, which I got in 1996. Like my other doll Samantha, I really liked her character, but mostly, I loved her clothes! I had wanted to make her blue ball gown from the third book, Felicity's Surprise: A Christmas Story for ages, and when the theme for the 2007 Cosplay Tea Party was announced as Colonial/Revolutionary, I thought it would be the perfect excuse. I also rather liked the idea of being a redhead for a change.

Construction Notes:
Unlike my Samantha Christmas dress, I made this one myself because the official Pleasant Company reproduction was very inaccurate and didn't think the cut of the colonial-style dress would be as forgiving as the Victorian one was with an adult woman's curves (AKA it wasn't designed for boobies). Instead, I took the Felicity doll's Christmas gown to JoAnn's and found a PERFECT match. Modifying a Simplicity colonial dress pattern, I made the bodice with shortened the sleeves and used my own stomacher design. I also made Felicity's boxy-looking ruffle trim by taking long strips of fabric, folding it into a box pattern, and sewing it down all along the stomacher edging and sleeve cuffs. The Simplicity pattern called for a different design than Felicity's single bustle look, so I patterned the skirt and bustle myself and edged the bustle with the handmade box trim. I also made the pin cap using a tutorial in an old Felicity book; its made with a white cotton circle edged in lace and topped with a blue bow.

Photoshoot Pics: