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Convention History:
ConnectiCon 2011
Anime Boston 2012
PortCon Maine 2012
Photo Castmates:
Yu Narukami: Steve
Yukiko Amagi: Lo
Chie Satonaka: Annie
Yosuke Hanamura: Dave
Kanji Tatsumi: Sketch
Teddie: CrazyFlower
Naoto Shirogane: Leelee
Photo Credits:
Christa Newman
RISE KUJIKAWA: School Uniform
Persona 4

My friend Steve is a huge fan of Persona 4, and asked me to be Rise for the group he was doing. I had watched him play the game on many occasions and the characters and storyline are fantastic. I love how different and chic the Persona school uniforms are, and I love Rise's design, so I jumped at the chance to join the group as her.

Construction Notes:
This costume was originally made by both myself and Lo who was working on all of the group costumes for ConnectiCon 2011. She picked out all the fabric, modified her patterns for the fitted top and skirt and did all the top stitching and embroidery on the blouse. I did the cutting, pleating, and piece sewing and put in all the zippers - assembly line costume making isn't a bad way to go! The wig is a clip-on ponytail wig I found online and the glasses I found at Ocean State Job Lot and popped out the lenses. The result is a very comfy costume and I enjoy wearing it a lot! In 2017 I revisited this costume; the skirt was still in good shape but the top had been quickly made and could be fit better. I reused Lo's embroidery piece at the neckline but otherwise remade the top with brighter yellow editing and scarf tie. I also added the white turtleneck undershirt which had been missing the first time, and got a deck of the Persona cards to carry around.

Photoshoot Pics: